The Note: Provocative Behavior

The New York Post's Page Six reports that at a swanky Southampton dinner party Rudy Giuliani admitted to a run in 2008 if he can raise enough dough. LINK

2008: Democrats:

Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) gets a wet kiss from the Wall Street Journal's ed board in a piece that urges Democrats in Congress to acquaint themselves with the Democrats outside of Washington who are "embracing tax cuts, and even supply-side logic."

"Another Democratic Governor who's embraced tax cutting and benefited politically is New Mexico's Bill Richardson. Since winning the state house in 2002, he has cut the state's top income tax rate to 4.9% from 8.2% and cut the capital gains tax in half. 'This was our way of declaring to the world that New Mexico is open for business,' Mr. Richardson tells us. 'After all, businesses move to states where taxes are falling, not rising.'"

"But don't tax cuts produce budget deficits? Not in New Mexico, which now has a half-billion-dollar surplus and has seen tax revenues soar by 27% this year, faster than in any other state over the past year, according to the Rockefeller Institute state revenue report."

"We asked Mr. Richardson how he thought his party could regain its competitiveness with the GOP on the national level. His answer is good advice for Democrats everywhere: 'We have to be the party of growth and the American dream, not the party of redistribution.'"

Making his fifth trip to Iowa in the last year, Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) campaigns for Quad-City region Democrats this Friday after his trips this week to Illinois and Minnesota, writes the Quad-City Times. LINK

Sen. Joe Biden's chief of staff tells Tom Beaumont at the Des Moines Register that his boss will be in the Hawkeye State for 15 of August's 31 days!!! LINK

The Union Leader's Sarah Shemkus Notes Biden's appearance yesterday in Amherst, New Hampshire's July 4th parade. LINK

In a story that Notes Sen. Kerry's recent declaration of energy independence as well as President Bush's call to promote energy independence, the Wall Street Journal's John Fialka has a series of experts saying that energy independence "may be among the least realistic political slogans in American history." The article closes with Sen. Biden defending the long-term goal of energy independence, adding that regulations to increase the fuel efficiency of the US vehicle fleet would generate the quickest economic payoff.

Big Casino budget politics:

Per The Hill, a recent Senate provision that would force the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to be paid for out of the regular Pentagon budget rather than the budget for unforeseen emergencies has garnered much support among House defense authorizers and appropriators and will likely become a critical debate issue in 2007. LINK

GOP agenda:

The Boston Globe's Susan Milligan Notes that House Republicans, unable to advance the issue of taxes, plan to take up their "American Values Agenda" package on July 10. Milligan attributes GOP's disagreement over tax cuts, which was once a "signature campaign issue," to the country's deficit and the increasing split between conservative and moderate Republicans. LINK

Democratic agenda:

The "New Direction for America" plan recently proposed by Democrats does not appear to have been well-circulated among the rank and file, reports Josephine Hearn of The Hill. LINK

2006: landscape:

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