The Note: House Rules, Part II

"Just the same, I suggested he get even by taking his best swings at me."

"Not necessary, the governor said. When I write what he considers a [blank] column -- rhymes with witty -- he blames his staff, not me."

"GOP Spent $4.2 Million on Schwarzenegger," the AP on the Republican Party spending $4.2 million on ads for Gov. Schwarzenegger. LINK

"Clinton headlines Angelides fundraiser," the AP on Bill Clinton never mentioning Gov. Schwarzenegger in his speech while saying that Republican policies have left middle-class Americans "struggling to pay for health care and education while wages have grown stagnant."

Clintons of Chappaqua:

"22 Cities Join Clinton Anti-Warming Effort," the Washington Post on some of the world's largest cities pledging to limit their energy consumption in a movement led by Bill Clinton. LINK

Los Angeles Times on the same: LINK

Politics of gas:

"Senate Approves Bill to Expand Oil, Gas Drilling," the Washington Post LINK


"Evolution opponents lose control of Kansas school board," the Associated Press on a Kansas state school board primary that gave "board members and candidates who believe evolution is well-supported by evidence . . . a 6-4 majority." LINK


"Washington traffic jam? Senators-only elevator," unelected people crowd the Senate lift, The New York Times. LINK

"Physical finds Bush is fit, but heavier," The Boston Globe. LINK

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