The Note: Gone Fishin' (2006)

Nancy Pelosi is determined to ascend to a "new level of power" for women by becoming Speaker of the House, reveals Deborah Solomon in her Q&A with the House Democratic Leader (set to appear in your New York Times Magazine this weekend). Rep. Pelosi is cautiously optimistic about her party's chances of recapturing the House this November: "If the election were today, we would win. But it's not today. It's in 86 days. And every day is a lifetime in politics." Hopefully, Leader Pelosi's sweet tooth--she is "obsessed" with chocolate--will give her some solace during the long weeks of waiting ahead.

"Sekula-Gibbs announces candidacy for DeLay seat," Houston Chronicle on the Houston city councilwoman's bid to replace the former Speaker; she joins former Sugarland mayor David Wallace, who announced yesterday that he would run as a write-in Republican as well. LINK

"Petro OKs 2 Avenues for Padgett Candidacy," Columbus Dispatch. LINK

"When Politicians Outrun Themselves," the New York Times editorial on the withdrawal of Bob Ney from the ballot. LINK

"Rep. Kline Claims Challenger Rowley Tried to Infiltrate His Campaign," USA Today on the "double agents" and "dirty money" in Minnesota's 2nd District. LINK

"Gard: President discussed need for focus on terror," the Green Bay Press Gazette reports on Bush's speech at a closed-press Gard for Congress fundraiser. LINK

"Braley stresses family's history," Des Moines Register reports on Democratic House candidate Bruce Braley's speech at the Iowa State Fair's political "soapbox," in which he stressed "troop reductions in Iraq and a sharper focus on bread-and-butter issues important to Iowa seniors." LINK

2006: Senate:

"GOP Uses Bomb Threat as Fodder in Attack on Brown," Columbus Dispatch on Republicans' efforts to use recent terror threats to criticize Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Sherrod Brown. LINK

"Santorum Accuses Dems of Politicizing Terror War," Pittsburgh Post Gazette. LINK

"DeWine, Brown Defend Votes During First Debate," the Cleveland Plain Dealer on the face-off which was taped for "possible" later broadcast. LINK

"Chafee on the offensive in WHJJ debate with Laffey," the Providence Journal. LINK

"When 'fancy' is a fighting word," Chicago Tribune editorial on the art of political rhetoric and persuasion in Tennessee. LINK

"McCain backs Rich Tarrant," Rutland Herald on Vermont's Republican Senate candidate scoring a key endorsement. LINK

"Edwards boosts Klobuchar's bid," the Grand Forks Herald on Former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) stumping for Minnesota senatorial candidate Amy Klobuchar, telling fellow Democrats his desire to "live in an American where my party shows some backbone." LINK

"Long Shot Josh Rales Trying to Get Noticed," the Washington Post. LINK

2006: Governor:

The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire writes that the next vulnerable incumbent is Gov. Frank Murkowski (R-AK). "Tom to give it up, Dems tell Suozzi," New York Daily News on pressure from Democrats for Tom Suozzi to give up his bid for Governor of New York. LINK

"Dems Urge Suozzi to Bail Out," the New York Post on the same. LINK

"Nussle focuses on quality-of-life issues," Des Moines Register on Iowa Republican gubernatorial candidate's Jim Nussle's speech at the Iowa State Fair yesterday. LINK

"Strickland Airs Radio Spot Meant for Black Audiences," LINK

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