The Note: The Pop-pop and Mom-mom Parties

The New York Times' Kornblut and Medina take a look at how likely 2008 Democratic presidential hopefuls are seeking to help Ned Lamont in his Connecticut Senate race to possibly curry favor with the netroots and at Lamont's uncertainty as to just how much national star power he needs for his particular battle. LINK

We look forward to the readouts of the calls to the Timeswomen from Kim Rubey and Jenny Backus concerning the lumping together of Kerry, Edwards, and Clinton into one camp on Iraq.

Steve Kornacki writes for that Carol Shea-Porter's surprising win in New Hampshire's 1st congressional district could spell trouble for Sen. Clinton. LINK

Mark Leibovich of the New York Times has an excellently colorful item on the Times' blog, "The Caucus," about the young woman who offered John Kerry a beer bong in Iowa recently. LINK

The Des Moines Register reports on the aftermath of the "beer bong" incident. LINK

The New York Post runs some excerpts in its coverage of People Magazine's preview of Elizabeth Edwards' soon-to-be-published book on her battle with breast cancer. LINK

GOP agenda:

Per the Washington Times, "Republicans will begin a major campaign offensive today to warn voters of far-left Democrats who would take leadership posts and committee chairmanships if they win control of Congress in November." LINK

Democratic agenda:

The Hill's Jonathan Allen reports that congressional Democrats plan to hold Iraq war hearings to spotlight their position on the issue before elections. LINK

Reps. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and Jack Murtha (D-PA) are courting Democratic candidates likely to win in November hoping to become House Majority leader next year, Notes the Hill's Hearn. LINK

2006: Senate:

The Hill's Bolton reports that the Senate Republican freshman class, a/k/a the "Magnificent Seven," plan to campaign together in states such as Michigan, Minnesota and Maryland. LINK

You may be shocked, shocked that there's gambling going on here. The New York Times looks at allegations that folks inside the Kean campaign are disguising themselves on a New Jersey blog as Democrats disappointed in and raising questions about Sen. Menendez. (Don't miss Menendez's Matt Miller's clean swipe at Kean's Jill Hazelbaker. Clearly providing that quote was the most fun he had all day.) LINK

Two polls released yesterday suggest that Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) is 4 points behind Democratic challenger Sherrod Brown, Notes the Columbus Dispatch's Darrel Rowland. LINK

Sen. Joe Lieberman said yesterday that he strongly supports universal health care after spending most of his Senate career advocating piecemeal health care reforms, Notes the Hartford Courant's Lightman and Pazniokas. LINK

This week Ned Lamont is focused on the costs and availability of health care on the ground, whereas his ads deliver a different message, branding Sen. Lieberman as a "turncoat" for pursuing an independent bid, Notes the Hartford Courant's Pazniokas. LINK

Democrat Amy Klobuchar's campaign fired its communications director for viewing "an unreleased TV ad" for Republican Mark Kennedy, the AP reports. LINK

2006: Governor:

The RGA's Phil Musser and the DGA's Penny Lee size up the high profile and history making gubernatorial election in Massachusetts. LINK

To help Democrat Deval Patrick raise money for his bid for governor, Bill Clinton will head to Massachusetts next month to stump for his old pal, the Boston Herald reports. LINK

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