The Note: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda, Part III

Today is the official release of The Way to Win, the new book about presidential politics by Mark Halperin (ABC News) and John F. Harris (the Washington Post).

The book includes interviews with Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove (with cameos from many other Note readers).

Here is your chance to put your money where your mouth is and in effect support the (free) Note by buying a book, which you can do at stores today, as well as here. LINK

This morning, Halperin and Harris appeared on Good Morning America. LINK

In addition to other media appearances they will be making throughout the day, the two authors are also on Charlie Rose this evening LINK

And you can hear an interview with Halperin about the book on the ABC News "Shuffle" podcast with Jake Tapper and Hari Sreenivasan:


And you can find out about upcoming New York, Washington, and other public events -- including book signings -- here. LINK

Halperin's FishbowlDC interview can be read here, including whether he has seen "The Davinci Code" and what he thinks of New York. LINK


The New York Times' Philip Shenon and Mark Mazzetti report that just hours after refuting the story, current and former Bush Administration officials confirm that then Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet, briefed Sec. Condoleezza Rice on the rising Al Qaeda threat on July 10, 2001. LINK

The New York Daily News on the Rice-Woodward dispute: LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Dick Polman writes that the Bush Administration has "come up with a set of rules designed to help Americans determine how they should feel about journalist and author Bob Woodward". LINK

In a statement issued this morning, Sen. Ted Kennedy said, "The extent to which this Administration will go to cover up their own mistakes is breathtaking, and quite simply, dangerous. . . Each day, it seems we learn of new facts demonstrating this Administration knew about the nation's threats -- whether it be 9-11 or on the ground in Iraq -- and failed to take the appropriate action. Each day, we learn of a new sad and disturbing revelation for the nation."

Allen buys air time:

ABC News' Teddy Davis reports, "In a two-minute television ad which his campaign billed as a statewide television address, Sen. George Allen (R-VA) decried the 'negative personal attacks and baseless allegations' which have distracted the public's attention from a discussion of energy independence, immigration, education, tax relief, government spending, and the war in Iraq."

"The ad opened with Sen. Allen noting the campaign's drift away from 'the real issues you care about' and acknowledged that 'some of this I've brought on myself.'"

2006: landscape:

In a must-read, the Washington Post's Jeffrey Birnbaum and Zachary Goldfarb look at spending on congressional races by outside groups. LINK

Jill Lawrence of USA Today writes, "New suburbs spreading across once-rural counties are among the hottest battlegrounds in fall elections that will determine whether Democrats or Republicans control Congress for the rest of the Bush administration." LINK

In the New York Times "Political Action" article, Robin Toner reports that "In the battle for the Senate, new polls showed Democrats either ahead of or neck and neck with Republicans in Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Virginia, all Republican seats." LINK

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