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Jacob Weisberg of Slate says The Way to Win is "a new book that anyone seriously interested in the mechanics of contemporary politics ought to read." LINK

For today's launch of, the community website "for the millions of Americans who want a voice in the public square and the ability to influence their nation's course," the top book that is recommended is The Way to Win. LINK

And, in his Tuesday Tonight Show monologue, Jay Leno said this: "According to a new book, The Way to Win, Democrats who support Hillary Clinton were worried about rumors that Bill has started cheating again. That's what it said in the book. So they sent someone to confront him about it. And Clinton said there was nothing to the rumors. And believe me, when Bill Clinton denies he's having an affair, you can take that statement to the bank." [applause]

Today, Halperin and Harris are doing plenty of media to talk about the book, including both fellas on The Jim Bohannon Show from 10 pm to 11 pm ET LINK and LINK

And Halperin is on NY1's Inside City Hall, talking about Hillary Clinton's presidential prospects on the eve of her first Senate re-election debate against Republican John Spencer. (Listen live anywhere in the world at 7 pm or 10:30 pm ET tonight. LINK -- look for "Live Audio Stream.)

Or dispense with the electronic media and buy The Way to Win now. LINK

GOP agenda:

"The Foley scandal has dropped off the front pages and House Republicans are aggressively trying to shift attention in the final weeks of the campaign season to the healthy economy and the damage they say would be done if Democrats take control of Congress," reports the Washington Times' Charles Hurt. LINK

Democratic agenda:

The Washington Times' Donald Lambro warns that Democrats would "seek to overturn or change just about everything President Bush and the Republicans have done since 2001." In particular, the article stokes fear that House Ways and Means Chair Charlie Rangel would push to rollback all of the Bush tax cuts, not only those benefiting the rich. LINK

Pelosi said last week that the tax-cut rollback would only affect people earning $250,000 a year or more.

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

"With fewer than three weeks until the midterm elections, former President Bill Clinton resumed his role as chief communicator of the Democratic Party on Wednesday in a speech that wrapped policy objectives in soaring rhetoric about bringing Americans together behind a single purpose," ledes Anne Kornblut's New York Times coverage. LINK

The Washington Post's Dan Balz reports that former President Clinton's speech accused the governing GOP majority of demonizing opponents, leaving Americans to fend for themselves, and leaving the United States isolated internationally. LINK

New York Daily News: LINK

The economy:

George F. Will writes of the "economic hypochondria" in the news and on the stump this year as he looks at the minority party's attempt to find the negative in good economic times. LINK

Will makes a more compelling case than most Administration spokespeople do, but will the networks and papers buy into the thesis? (No.)

Foley: ethics committee investigation:

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