The Note: Winter's Tale

More Simon: "[New Hampshire Secretary of State] Gardner will not allow Nevada to go first, no matter whether Nevada calls its contest a caucus, a primary or a ring-toss."

"That is where the DNC miscalculated. I talked to a DNC source, who asked not to be identified, who said the DNC assumed that because Nevada was going to be a caucus, and since New Hampshire has always allowed the Iowa caucus to go first, New Hampshire would extend the same courtesy to Nevada."

"It won't."

And ponder this: If California moves its primary up to February 5 and early voting (which could account for 40 - 50% of primary ballots cast in the Golden State in 2008) begins on January 7, how will Secretary of State Gardner react to actual primary votes being cast that early?

Bush sells SOTU in Delaware:

"Police officials said they expected little impact from the president's visit on area roads," reports the Wilmington News-Journal. LINK

Be sure to check your bus route: LINK

(Should you run into traffic problems, you can share them here: LINK)

Delaware's congressional delegation was unmoved by the President's appeal to give his troop surge plan time to work, reports Andrew Tangel of the Wilmington News-Journal. LINK

The Wilmington News Journal's Jeff Montgomery explains the work going on at DuPont that attracted the President for his first post-SOTU stop. LINK

"DuPont is working with other companies to produce ethanol from cornstalks and other cellulose-bearing 'biomass,' rather than from corn or other food grains. The company also is pushing development of another alcohol fuel, biobutanol, that is more easily transported and offers more miles per gallon. Currently, grain-based ethanol is more expensive to produce than gasoline and provides less energy."

The News Journal also provides a little history on presidential visits to the First State. LINK

SOTU: morning shows:

ABC News' Stephanopoulos reported that Democrats "had a meeting early yesterday where they discussed how they would take their cues from Nancy Pelosi. And she was very very disciplined on when she got up and when she didn't. Whenever the talk was about the President's strategy on Iraq, she stayed sitting -- even when Vice President Cheney got up. The minute they talked about the troops, she practically jumped out of her seat -- other Democrats followed."

NBC's Meredith Vieira describing the president's body language on the new political reality in Washington, "Not exactly like a dog with his tail between his legs, but obviously no posturing either."

CBS' "Early Show" focused on the slim legislative chances of President Bush's various proposals, though Harry Smith did praise the President for his "gracious tone" vis a vis Pelosi, calling it "the moment of the night."

SOTU: health-care initiatives:

The Washington Post's Wesiman and Fletcher Note regarding health care that President Bush proposed the "first real tax increase of his presidency" but "senior Democrats for the most part responded with icy disdain." LINK

On the domestic agenda, the New York Times' Toner and Pear write, "President Bush delivered a domestic agenda to Congressional Democrats on Tuesday that was, in large part, modest and a reiteration of past proposals. Where he did break ground -- on health care -- his initiative was quickly dismissed by leading Democrats and seemed unlikely to form the basis of bipartisan action." LINK

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