The Note: One-Issue Politics

Janet Hook of the Los Angeles Times looks at the "more divisive questions" that await Democrats after the House passes its non-binding resolution of disapproval. LINK

Kathy Kiely of USA Today writes that while the battles in Congress expose the national discontent over the Administration's war policy, it also demonstrates "the limits of how far Democrats are willing to go to change it."LINK

Rep. Emanuel predicts, as the House vote goes on the non-binding resolution goes up, the Senate vote will go up too, reports CNBC's John Harwood.

Politics of Iraq: in the states:

Sparked by a conference call with Sen. Kennedy and frustration over Congress's inability to pass a resolution on Iraq, Democratic state legislatures are taking the matter into their own hands. The New York Times on a small-but-maybe-growing trend from state to state. LINK

Jonathan Roos of the Des Moines Register on the Iowa State Senate's condemnation of the Iraq troop surge. LINK

Bush Administration agenda:

"Bush Paints Congress as Incoherent on Iraq," reports ABC News' Teddy Davis, Matthew Zavala, and Paul Fidalgo. LINK

In a column that is being circulated by the White House, the Washington Post's David Broder writes that President Bush is "regaining his footing" by reframing the Iraq debate. LINK

The New York Times takes Note of President Bush's timing with his speech on Afghanistan.LINK

"The speech was also a striking effort by the White House to focus attention back on Afghanistan at a time when Congress is debating resolutions criticizing Mr. Bush's strategy in Iraq and the administration is making a case that Iranian forces are supplying Shiite militants in Iraq with roadside bombs."

Chicago Tribune on Bush: LINK

Democratic agenda:

"The new Democratic-controlled Congress is looking to rein in looming tax increases on the middle class, possibly covering the cost by raising taxes on upper-income households. And the Bush Administration may not stand in the way, reports the Wall Street Journal's Sarah Lueck.LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

CNN's Bill Schneider says Giuliani has "the Big Mo." LINK

The New York Times has a history lesson for Giuliani, but it isn't all bad news. LINK

Giuliani beats Romney to the (conservative) punch. The New York Post reports that America's Mayor will give a lecture at the Pat Robertson founded Regent University in April, before former Gov. Romney gives the commencement address in May. The paper also reports that Robertson will most likely introduce Giuliani himself. LINK

More from the Richmond Times Dispatch:LINK

2008: Republicans: Romney:

Glen Johnson of the Associates Press reports on Gov. Romney's million-dollar haul at the end of this announcement tour. Speaking to supporters in Boston, Gov. Romney said not to worry about his current standing in nation polls insisting that, "The polls that count are what are happening in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, those early states, among Republican voters. That's where we're aiming right now. And slowly but surely we're going to be building our strength there.'' LINK

On that front, former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R-IA), who has a son working for Gov. Romney -- but who personally remains uncommitted -- says Romney's Iowa polls are up while Sen. McCain and Mayor Giuliani are down, reports John Harwood of the Wall Street Journal's in Washington Wire.

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