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The Los Angeles Times' Hook, Wallsten, and Zucchino write, ". . . the long-term political implications are uncertain. His wife's illness may engender sympathy and add an element of human interest to Edwards' campaign. But there is a risk: Some voters may regard his presidential bid as a misplaced priority, especially if his wife's condition deteriorates." LINK

"Democratic pollster Peter Hart said Edwards would have to strike a 'delicate balance. . . between a loving husband and an ambitious politician.'"

"What's more, Edwards' campaign will be colored by the progress of his wife's disease. Having promised Thursday to be with her 'anytime, anyplace' that she needs him, Edwards may have to make long detours home from the campaign trail."

ABC News' Jennifer Duck writes about Edwards' blog where he discusses his views on his campaign now that his wife's cancer has returned. LINK

2008: Democrats: Edwards: medical:

The New York Times' Denis Grady writes, "According to statistics from the cancer society, 26 percent of women with Stage 4 breast cancer survive for five years. But, the society said, that statistic should not be applied to women like Mrs. Edwards who have recurrences, but only to women who are in Stage 4 when the disease is first diagnosed. Mrs. Edwards had "regional" disease at the time of diagnosis, meaning it had spread to some lymph nodes; five-year survival for women in that category is 81.3 percent, and cancer specialists said that the stage at initial diagnosis is the one that still counts." LINK

"Elizabeth Edwards's chance of surviving five years is well below 50 percent if her experience is similar to that of other women whose breast cancer has returned within five years of its original discovery and treatment," reports the Washington Post's David Brown. LINK

News & Observer: LINK

Boston Globe: LINK

2008: Democrats: Edwards: reaction:

The News & Observer wraps reaction to the Edwards announcement. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's ed board praises Elizabeth Edwards for a "demonstration of fortitude" that is "itself a lesson for the rest of us."

ABC News' Jennifer Parker offers an in-depth review of Edwards' press conference yesterday as well as the statements of support presidential candidates offered to the Edwards family. LINK

The Des Moines Register's David Yepsen on the Edwardses' announcement: "Those of us in this business spend a lot of time picking at presidential candidates, their strategies, positions and staffers. Sometimes about the only thing you can say is they're also human beings. You feel for them when they hurt." LINK

The Note adds its voice to the good wishes for Mrs. Edwards and her family as they continue to fight this battle.

2008: Democrats: Edwards: media:

Politico's Ben Smith explain in detail how he got the Edwards announcement wrong yesterday. LINK

Smith writes, "Though I've spent the last several years at major newspapers -- the New York Observer and the New York Daily News most recently -- I've done much of my reporting on blogs, and have developed an instinct to let my readers know whatever I know, as soon as I know it. The medium typically allows you to refine and update a story as it changes -- including saying, 'Well, my original source had it wrong.'"

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