Richardson Runs 'I'm Different-On-Iraq' Ad

With G.M. facing its first national strike since 1970, three Democratic '08ers spend Tuesday speaking to seven Change to Win unions at the "American Dream Dialogue" at the Chicago Hilton.

--12:30 pm ET: Barack Obama

--2:15 pm ET: John Edwards

--3:45 pm ET: Hillary Clinton

Anna Burger, the head of Change to Win, joins pollster Celinda Lake for an 11:30 am ET conference call with reporters to discuss the group's survey on economic anxiety and the 2008 election.

Clinton, Obama, and Edwards came under fire Monday in a four and half minute web video produced by Bill Richardson's presidential campaign. The New Mexico governor argues that he is the only major presidential candidate who would leave no residual forces in Iraq.

On Tuesday, Bill Richardson is stepping up his "I'm-Different-On-Iraq" argument with the launch of a 30 second television ad in New Hampshire. Watch Richardson's web video here: LINK

The web video, which includes testimonials from liberal bloggers, targets the mass media for neglecting the residual troop issue.

After the Chicago conference, Obama heads to Maine for a 4:00 pm ET event at the Portland Expo building.

With the Senate scheduled to vote on the Biden-Brownback-Boxer amendment, the Delaware Democrat plans to be in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. On Monday, Biden picked up yet another Iowa legislative endorsement; this time from Iowa Speaker Pro Tempore Polly Bukta.

Elizabeth Kucinich visits New Hampshire where she speaks at the First Partners Series at Franklin Pierce University and meets with the Keene State College Democrats. She also attends a house party.

As for the Republicans...

On Tuesday, Mitt Romney takes a break from denouncing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad long enough to raise money, visit a candy shop, and hold a media availability in Bakersfield, Calif. In the evening, the former governor attends an 8:45 pm ET dinner fundraiser in Los Angeles.

Rudy Giuliani's campaign holds an 11:00 am ET press conference in Lisle to announce an Illinois endorsement.

John McCain raises campaign coin in Texas, attending fundraisers in San Antonio and Houston..

Fred Thompson is in New York.

Mike Huckabee hold online conversations with voters and bloggers.

Alan Keyes, the latest entrant into the presidential field, hits the morning talk radio circuit. First, it is the Andy Petersen Show on WMT in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at 7:10 am ET. Then he makes 8:00 am ET remarks to Pat Campbell on WFLA in Orlando, Fl., before talking with Randy Renshaw at 9:15 am ET on KSCJ in Sioux City, Iowa.

Newt Gingrich, who has the political world buzzing by (once again) saying that he would enter the presidential race if he can find $30 million worth of financial commitments in October, is in Las Vegas for a 10:00 pm ET appearance at Nevada Policy Research Institute at the Venetian Resort.

Mike Bloomberg talks with former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw, former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo D-N.Y., and Cooper Union president George Campbell Jr at the 6:00 pm ET Cooper Union Dialogue Series in New York City.

As for President Bush …

As for President Bush, he meets with the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at 8:15 am ET and meets with the United Nations General Assembly president at 8:40 am ET. After the address, Bush heads over to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki at 10:30 am ET before heading back to the UN to take part in a 1:25 pm ET roundtable on democracy, followed by a 3:00 pm ET Security Council meeting on Africa and an 8:35 pm ET dinner with the UN Secretary General.

On the Hill…

Rev. Al Sharpton and the parents of Jena, LA defendant Mychal Bell will meet with members of the House Judiciary Committee at 12:30 pm ET to request formal hearings on the justice system in Jena. A press conference with Sharpton, the parents, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Martin Luther King III will follow at 1:00 pm ET outside of the Rayburn building.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid make remarks at a 5:30 pm ET reception honoring members of the Congressional Black Caucus.


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