The Note: Keystone Klankers

The Clintons and Obamas make their final Pennsylvania pushes on Monday, with Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea ended the evening at a 10 pm ET rally in Philadelphia, and Barack and Michelle building up to a 9:30 pm ET rally in Pittsburgh. And Obama closes the evening with an appearance on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, with Clinton sitting down with Larry King.

Also in the news:

From the (crowded) Department of Irony: Richard Mellon Scaife's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review endorsed Clinton on Sunday. From the endorsement editorial (which quotes the Rev. Jeremiah Wright): "She has a real record. He doesn't. She has experience of value to a president. He doesn't. Clearly, she's the wiser choice to represent Democrats this fall."

Soon-to-be Wall Street Journal columnist Thomas Frank weighs in on the "bitter" comment he just might have spawned: "I have no way of knowing whether some passage of mine inspired Mr. Obama's tactless assertion that the hard-done-by clutch guns and irrationally oppose free-trade deals. In point of fact, I oppose many of those trade deals myself," Frank writes in an op-ed.

"But I know one thing with absolute certainty. The media flurry kicked up by Mr. Obama's gaffe powerfully confirms an argument I actually did make: That as they return again to the culture war, what the soldiers on all sides are doing is talking about class without actually addressing the economic basis of the subject."

The Des Moines Register's David Yepsen sees the Democratic Party eating itself -- and sees Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., as the solution to the cannibalism.

"The spirited Democratic contest is turning both candidates into losers. As a result, Democrats could say, 'A plague on both your houses,' and look for a different nominee. For sure, they need to start thinking about alternative running mates for whoever wins the nomination. One name fits both bills: Joe Biden."

Karl Rove offered up his veepstakes short list on "Fox News Sunday." Per ABC's Tahman Bradley, "He suggested former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and [former] Ohio Rep. Rob Portman. Rove said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has told him she has no interest in elected office."

The Washington Post's Michael Rosenwald profiles GOP powerbroker Fred Malek. "He could relax a mouse who was about to be eaten by a cat," Rosenwald writes. "There's Malek with his former executive assistant, Gen. Colin Powell. There's Malek with his ex-boss, President Richard Nixon. There's Malek with former president Bush, after parachuting out a plane to celebrate Bush's 80th birthday. 'Did Bush jump, too?' [Scott] Rued asked. 'Hell yeah,' Malek said."

The Los Angeles Times' Paul Richter, on a McCain shift: "Only weeks after laying out his full foreign policy agenda, Sen. John McCain has begun scaling back a key proposal that had been greeted with alarm by some Republican supporters and wariness by important U.S. allies," Richter writes.

"McCain has said that, as president, he would call for creation of a 'league of democracies' that would move aggressively to tackle problems the United Nations fails to resolve, such as the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs, civil strife in Sudan and world health crises."

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