The Note: Pumpin' Up the Volume, Breakin' Down to the Beat

"Yet some Democrats believe that by following a more partisan course, the party is merely emulating Bush's strategy of primarily pursuing policies that motivate his political base."

"Over the long term, it's unclear whether a strategy of ideological polarization will serve Democrats as well as it has Republicans in a country where the number of self-identified conservatives outnumbered liberals by more than 3 to 2 in the last election, according to exit polls. But the tougher tone reflects the urgency in the Democratic ranks about the GOP gains in November and the fervent demand for militancy from the party's liberal base, whose influence appears to be rising."

We wonder if President Clinton's "stick together and don't let them define you" message of last night will penetrate this. We also think it's interesting that John Kerry is seeking advice from a foreign leader on how to take a minority party to the majority.

The New York Times' Sheryl Gay Stolberg has a sensible piece on the Democrats getting lessons in value-speak from Wallis, Lakoff et. Al. Good quotes from David Obey and Mark Mellman, and Mellman (suspiciously?) talks about "shared values," which is exactly what Bill Clinton said last night. LINK

We will save our rant against George Lakoff for another day, but suffice it say: talking about values and trying to reframe the issues . . . as in "a war against poverty is a moral value" ain't gonna cut it.

The Will Rogers Democrats:

Note to Brent Bozell and Rush Limbaugh: do not take this section seriously.

Note to Democrats: we shall repeat this again . . . a bit more slowly.

The reason . . . why . . . the . . RNC . . . is . . .going . . . after . . . Harry . . . Reid . . . is . . . to . . . make . . . him . . . mad . . . and . . . get . . . Democrats . . . all . . . riled . . . up.

Republicans do not truly believe that a few e-mails a month challenging Reid's record in Nevada is going to somehow change the dynamic of politics in that state; South Dakota and Tom Daschle are very different animals -- just compare the Bush win percentages in the two states, and see how closely Kenny Guinn and John Ensign and Harry Reid work together.

The more Democrats whine and moan over the attacks against Harry Reid, the less they concentrate on more important matters to them . . . and the more they appear to be the party of opposition . . . rather than the opposition party.

Jonathan Chait, we think you're a real smart guy, but this column of yours will have Republicans laughing and laughing and laughing because you got caught in their trap. LINK

The Washington Post's Chuck Babington and Brian Faler look at the over-dramatic letter that Senate Democrats sent to President Bush yesterday urging him to make the RNC stop picking on Harry Reid. Nyah nyah. LINK

Maybe do an event with Mia Hamm?

Big Casino budget politics:

Writes Edmund Andrews in the New York Times: "Unpublished budget projections prepared by the White House make it clear that Mr. Bush cannot reach his budget goals without making deep cuts in programs that have strong political support, including veterans' medical care, education, scientific research and nutritional assistance for impoverished mothers and small children."

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