The Note: Astriding Europe Like a Reformer Seeking Results

One question asked attendees who they thought would be the Democratic nominee in 2008:

68% Clinton

6% Edwards

5% Richardson

4% Warner

3% Bayh

2% Kerry

2% Clark

1% Vilsack

1% Feingold

Another question asked who participants thought would be the Republican nominee in 2008.

19% Giuliani

18% Rice

11% Allen, Frist, McCain

4% Owens, Romney, Santorum

5% Gingrich

2% Pataki

1% Hagel, Huckabee, Pawlenty, Santorum

0% Barbour

** = figures provided to ABC News by CPAC.

Conservatives and Republicans:

The Log Cabin Republicans are regrouping after an election suggesting a national consensus against gay marriage has broadened the group's legislative goals this year. The Cabiners are reaching out to conservative organizations and vowing to be a partner with the Bush Administration.

The group, which claims thousands of dues-paying members, paid at least $3,000 to co-sponsor the Conservative Political Action Conference, marking the first time a gay rights group has been officially recognized by the nation's annual gathering of conservative activists. They've also begun to lobby members of Congress about Social Security reform, changes to the tax code, and immigration.

Read the whole story here."> LINK

On Sunday, the Washington Post's Tom Edsall took a look at the shifts among conservatives, and the division emerging among them between those who feel the government should have a role in regulating morals and individual conduct, and those who think it should do more to stay out of the way. LINK

There's an excellent Wall Street Journal article on Page A-4 by John Fialka that examines why key Republicans have begun to reappraise their opposition to curbs on emissions. One hint: Alaskan villages are starting to see effects.

Bush agenda (circa 2005):

On Monday, the Washington Post's Lois Romano and Mike Allen talked to author Doug Wead, who said he taped his conversations with then-Gov. Bush for "historic" purposes, and not to harm the President -- though book promotion certainly doesn't seem out of bounds. LINK

The David Kirkpatrick story that started it all in the New York Times: LINK

On Monday, the Boston Globe's Charlie Savage turned in an interesting read about how the debate about immigration policy and how and to whom to grant political asylum is presenting conservatives with a thorny problem. Evangelical Christians, joining with groups like Human Rights First and Amnesty International, support what they call a compassionate asylum system, while others endorse giving the Department of Homeland Security the ability and authority to turn away people seeking asylum. The measure, sponsored by Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and passed earlier this month, and he plans to attach it to the Iraq supplemental spending request. LINK

First Lady Laura Bush sat down with Newsweek's Tamara Lipper to talk about her own plans for the second term in the White House -- particularly her Helping America's Youth Initiative, focusing on boys, education and raising expectations for boys' achievements in schools and life -- including a summit in the fall. " LINK

Paul Krugman predicts the Bush Administration will shift focus to international conflicts to prevent the President from losing support at home. LINK

Bush in Europe:

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