The Note: The Boy Looking for the Pony

Noting with a finely honed sense of understatement that "Mrs. Clinton is not an ordinary Senator," the New York Observer's Ben Smith and Lizzy Ratner look at the big cadre of high-powered donors who are for the moment fervently supporting Sen. Clinton's 2006 election bid, but are literally quivering with anticipation to put their itchy check-writing and fund-raising fingers to use for her 2008 presidential bid. And any time anyone can work "political jujitsu" into a story, we applaud. LINK

Lots of bold-facers here, including those Cabinet aspirants Holbrooke and Altman.

Reading the New York Times' dispatch on the latest in the David Rosen case, we wonder again how soon this thing will be settled . . . and whether it's the tip of an iceberg that allies of Sen. Clinton do not want to hit. LINK

Correction: Yesterday, we meant to say that Elizabeth Edwards did an interview with the Center for American Progress' Campus Progress, rather than the Campaign for American Progress.

2008: Republicans:

Even though he co-authored the Cato report that gave Gov. Pataki a B on his fiscal stewardship (and warned he was in danger of sliding lower), Steve Moore defends the man, echoing the Pataki argument that the Empire State is tough to governor. This occurs in the New York Post, which hasn't had a story about the Patakis' household help in what seems like days. LINK

The Boston Globe's Scott Greenberger looks at how Gov. Mitt Romney appears to be walking back from his tougher stance on corporate taxes and his proposal to give the state's revenue commission discretion to go after companies that avoid taxes by transferring profits outside the state. Gotta keep those business watchdog groups, not to mention Grover Norquist, happy -- or at least quiet -- if the 2008 bid's going to get anywhere. LINK

Grover's analysis of Romney -- and his words of warning -- will surely be read closely in the Corner Office.

Greenberger's colleague Scot Lehigh warns to very carefully watch Romney's speeches and his actions as he sets up his 2008 bid. LINK

This Friday night at 7:30 pm ET, skip the movie and settle in with a bowl of freshly-made popcorn studded with Goo Goo Cluster pieces and watch Sen./Leader/Dr. Frist's New Hampshire speech live on LambTV, a.k.a. C-SPAN.

We bring to you an excerpt from the interview ABC News' Jonathan Karl did with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice yesterday:

MR. KARL: Completely change subject. You've seen some of the thoughts about you running for President in 2008, and there's even a Web site, and there's even a Condoleezza Rice for President song, a theme song.


MR. KARL: Yeah. Would you consider it?

SECRETARY RICE: No. I'm really respectful of those who do run for office. I know what I do well, and I know what I like to do. And I'm really going to try to concentrate on being a good Secretary of State.

MR. KARL: So you'd categorically rule out running for President in 2008?

SECRETARY RICE: Jonathan, I'm going to try to be a good Secretary of State and then, as I've said many, many times, it's always NFL Commissioner.

MR. KARL: Right. So it sounds like there's a door open there?

SECRETARY RICE: Jonathan, I'm going to try to be a good Secretary of State and see if I can do this job well and then we'll see if the NFL is open.

MR. KARL: The NFL and maybe something else. We'll see. Well, thank you very much, Secretary Rice.


The Schwarzenegger era:

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