The Note: Special Relationships

The editorial page of the New York Post looks none too kindly on Gov. Pataki in light of the recent Ground Zero revelations. LINK

The New York Post's Deborah Orin wonders if it is back en vogue for Republicans to bash New York and cites a recent NRSC line of attack against Sen. Stabenow as a possible sign that it is. LINK

Is it Fieger Time again? Kevorkian attorney and former gubernatorial candidate Geoffrey Fieger is musing aloud about giving Gov. Granholm a primary run next year. LINK

The Washington Post's John Wagner looks at the back-and-forth yesterday between Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, a candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Maryland, and incumbent Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R) over the Department of Juvenile Services, previewing what can only be a fun, if flak-jacket requiring, contest in 2006. LINK

Roll Call's Chris Cillizza takes Note of Sen. John Thune's May 18 fundraiser at Charlie Palmer Steak (love the separate costs for wining and dining) for his new leadership PAC.

Former Congressman and NAACP chief Kwiesi Mfume has yet to reach out to the Congressional Black Caucus for endorsements or other support in his bid for U.S. Senate, Roll Call's Josh Kurtz reports.

Roll Call's Lauren Whittington sizes up the House field quietly jockeying for position if Sen. Jon Corzine wins the New Jersey gubernatorial race.


"Attention New York City shoppers: Mayor Bloomberg has an election-year gift for you. The mayor will propose eliminating the city portion of the sales tax on all clothes and footwear under $110 beginning June 1, a mayoral aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Daily News," reports Michael Saul in his preview to the mayor's scheduled budget address today. LINK

Mayor Bloomberg also picked up his first municipal union endorsement yesterday. LINK

Gifford Miller didn't get asked about the Diallo shooting during his Q&A at the Sergeants' Benevolent Association, yet the New York Post still tries to find some discrepancy between what he said to the group (on police-community relations) and what he said to reporters after the event when directly questioned about Diallo. LINK

Dave Saltonstall of the New York Daily News looks at the political calculations behind his remarks and describes Miller's SBA comments as "tough talk." LINK

"The tough talk from Miller, which seemed calculated to keep Ferrer on the hot seat, drew no followup questions from the 300 NYPD sergeants present. They pressed him on whether he would negotiate pay raises for cops if elected mayor."

"The record for independent spending in a Los Angeles mayor's race was shattered Wednesday when the state teachers union said it would spend $500,000 on TV ads to help elect Antonio Villaraigosa, and other unions indicated they would spend hundreds of thousands more to help incumbent James K. Hahn," reports the Los Angeles Times' Jeffrey Rabin and Daniel Hernandez. LINK

The Associated Press has more. LINK

The Schwarzenegger era:

George Skelton thinks Gov. Schwarzenegger would rather play the role of celebrity in office and flex his muscles than engage in the complex decision-making required by politicians. LINK


Lloyd Grove stokes the competitive tabloid fires with his column about the New York Post's Web woes. Note too his scooplet on the First Lady's invitation to join the Friar's Club. LINK


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