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Virginia Gov. Mark Warner managed to dodge probes into his own 2008 aspirations, even while concentrating on the future (generation) with Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, writes Todd Dorman of the Sioux City Journal. The pair met yesterday in Iowa and ruminated about education enhancements to raise the standards of American students/schools. LINK

The Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont previews who may be (read: you can bet will be) in attendance at the National Governors Association's summer gathering in Iowa next month. Campaigning is discouraged during the conference, but sometimes you can't keep an ambitious politician down, says Virginia Gov. Mark Warner. LINK


Roll Call's Chris Cillizza Notices the new trend in presidential hopefuls: strenuously and publicly exert yourself. He writes in the new Atlantic Monthly about Gov. Mike Huckabee's weight loss program, Gov. Mark Sanford's 200-mile bike-ride, and exploits from the likes of Vilsack, Bayh and even former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. And guess which former West Virginia governor enjoys clog dancing, which ranks among out favorite sports. LINK

Sen. John Kerry:

The Los Angeles Times' Stephen Braun writes that Swift Boat Veterans' John O'Neill is insisting that Kerry's document release is still incomplete, and that questions remain about Kerry's assetion that his boat entered Cambodian waters in December 1968, Kerry's medal commendations, and his discharge from the Navy. LINK

James Taranto has fun with John Kerry's Yale transcript in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. "So Mr. Kerry was almost as distinguished a scholar as the schoolmate who went on to become president of the United States. That doesn't seem so bad -- but for candidate Kerry, it would have been devastating. After all, much of Mr. Kerry's appeal, such as it was, rested on intellectual snobbery."

The Schwarzenegger era:

Evan Halper of the Los Angeles Times writes that local government leaders in cities and counties aren't happy with Gov. Schwarzenegger's proposed spending cuts going before voters in the fall special election, and if they don't come up with an alternate plan of their own, they could end up working with groups opposed to the ballot measure. LINK

"The gathering resistance is a significant setback for Schwarzenegger. Cities and counties have been among his loyalists, sticking with him as other public-sector groups waged a bruising public relations attack on him over an earlier measure affecting their pensions. The governor abandoned that proposal after analysts said it would end benefits for survivors of public safety workers."

"Now, Schwarzenegger faces the prospect of local government leaders campaigning against a spending cap for which there is no overwhelming public enthusiasm. Despite a statewide television ad campaign featuring the governor talking with cafeteria customers about overspending in Sacramento, a poll last month by the Public Policy Institute of California found that just 43% of likely voters supported the measure."

Washington governor's race -- settled:

The case is settled, but the parties keep on fighting, write the Seattle Times' David Postman and Ralph Thomas. LINK

Deep Throat revealed:

The New York Observer looks at the money to be made off of last week's Deep Throat revelation. LINK

Free Matt Cooper and Judith Miller:

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