Will Lame-Duck Session Be Productive ... or Just Lame?


Nov. 15: Lame-duck session starts.

Nov. 15: New York Rep. Charlie Rangel's ethics trial starts.

Nov. 16: Senate Republican Conference set to vote on imposing a moratorium on earmarks.

Nov. 19-28: Congress is off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Nov. 29: California Rep. Maxine Waters' ethics trial starts.

Nov. 30: The filing deadline for federal unemployment benefits.

Dec. 1: The deadline for the president's deficit commission to submit its final report

Lame-Duck Session Begins

Dec. 1: A scheduled 23 percent cut to Medicare's payments to doctors occurs.

Dec. 1: The military's report on the feasibility of repealing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy for gays in the military is due at the Pentagon.

Dec. 3: The latest continuing resolution for funding the government expires.

Dec. 31: The Bush tax cuts expire.

Jan. 1: A scheduled 6.5 percent cut to Medicare's payments to doctors occurs.

Jan. 2: New EPA greenhouse gas regulations take effect, but business groups such as the Chamber of Commerce want Congress to delay their implementation.

Jan. 3: The 112th Congress convenes.

Early 2011: The nation's debt will hit its ceiling of $14.29 trillion, so Congress will have to raise it yet again.

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