Changes in the Constitution That Experts Would Like to Make

"We could add [to the Fourth Amendment] that people have a right to be protected from surveillance," he suggested. "While the government is not physically spying on us, there is very little protecting people online."

Despite voicing his support for constitutional additions, Rosen admits the process for doing so would be anything but speedy.

"The truth is that the Constitution is very hard to amend, so it may be hard to mobilize the political momentum necessary to pass something like this quickly," Rosen said. "I do think that citizens care enough about privacy to act; Americans will not tolerate the prospect of being spied on 24/7, so I think both federal and state laws will be passed [to address this issue]."

So how do the opinions of these scholars measure up to those of future attorneys and the public? The younger generation appears to feel torn between respecting the pillar of the American legal system, and admitting that our modernity may be out of the scope of the founders' interpretations.

"I firmly believe that you can't–and shouldn't–simply 'update' the constitution to conform to contemporary values," said Wake Forest School of Law student Dal Burton Jr. "The Constitution was meant to be the bedrock of our entire republic."

He added echoing Tribe, "The fact that it has kept its original core elements is a source of strength."

The strength of the rule of the land is definite, but not all future legal experts believe strength and tradition are immune to a periodic update.

"I love that the Constitution and the judicial system function entirely on judicial interpretation," said Indiana University McKinney School of Law student Amelia McClure. "However, in order for the Constitution to survive we can't apply it as it was applied in 1790 when there was no such thing as indoor plumbing."

As most things on the Internet, this debate rages on in online forums. The range of topics and concerns voiced on forums like and show that this debate is not going to reach a consensus any time soon.

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