Dick Cheney: No Decision on Heart Transplant


Cheney has a long history of heart problems. He has had five heart attacks, the first in 1978 when he was 37, and the fourth in November 2000, after he and Bush were elected to the White House.

In 2001, Cheney had a pacemaker installed in his chest, and in September 2009, he underwent elective back surgery to treat lumbar spinal stenosis.

Cheney was admitted to the George Washington Hospital Feb. 22, 2010, after experiencing chest pains. His doctors later said it was a mild heart attack; his fifth. He was released two days later.

That hospital stay forced the former vice president to miss a breakfast with his former boss and hundreds of former White House and campaign staffers. The event, sponsored by the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association, was to be the first time the two met in person since they left office in January 2009.

Instead, Bush dropped by to visit Cheney at his home in Virginia Feb. 25. Cheney and Bush, both sporting dark suits, shook hands and exchanged grins on the steps of Cheney's residence in McLean, Va., before turning to wave to the ABC News camera.

"Mr. President, welcome," Cheney began.

"Looking good," Bush replied.

"Holding up," Cheney said.

"Looking good," Bush said again.

"Could be worse," the often dry-witted Cheney said.

Life After The White House

Cheney said he now uses a Blackberry and a Kindle and drives himself around – a change from his days at the White House where he didn't even have a cell phone.

But he admitted that he is still not "totally modern" and relies on his grandchildren for tutorials in the latest gadgets.

"I'm still writing longhand and don't use a computer for that sort of thing. My grandchildren still laugh at me," he said. "My 3-year-old grandson was showing me the other day how to use the iPad to play games – angry birds or something like that. I'm gradually adjusting."

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