Gun Day Organizer: We're Not Extremists


The Newtown shooting has spurred calls for some kind of action from lawmakers like Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a self-identified gun advocate who nonetheless suggested examining mental health systems in a post-Newtown apearance on ABC's "This Week."

Ward disagrees that mental-health reporting to the national background-check system, one proposal that's been floated, is the answer.

"We should not, at any point in our country, take away someone's constitutional right because they're sick," Ward said. "People go through things all the time -- people have bad marriages, they seek counseling, some people have seasonal affective disorder ... until somebody acts and commits a crime, their Second Amendment rights shouldn't be taken away."

As a libertarian, those kinds of controls seek to irk Ward.

"We don't live in 'Minority Report," he said, referring to the 2002 science fiction film. "There is no 'pre-crime' here."

His main point is that gun-control laws aren't the answer.

"We have 20,000-plus laws on the books right now for guns in this country. Those laws failed in Virginia Tech, they failed in Aurora, they failed in Newtown, and the truth is criminals don't follow laws," Ward said.

His message is the same today as it was when he confronted the anti-NRA protesters soon after Newtown.

"The answer is simple," he said. "For a school, we need to arm the teachers, we need to arm the principals."

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