Michele Bachmann: Transcript of ABC/Yahoo News Exclusive Interview


RON CLAIBORNE: --but let me-- let me move on. The latest polls consistently show a high level of dissatisfaction with the way the federal government works, with Washington, in particular with Congress. Eighty percent of voters in a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll said they were dissatisfied with the way Washington works. You are a member of Congress. Why should that dissatisfaction, and in some cases anger, not apply to you as part of Washington?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Because people saw that I was fighting against Washington. I went to Washington as a real person. And I spent my time at the tip of the spear, fighting against all of the outta control spending, the new welfare programs, spending money that we don't have, in other words acting like Greece.

That's what the-- that's what the Congress has done in the last five years. They've been acting like Greece. I fought that. I stood against that. That's why I had a tremendous following of people all across the United States, who were cheering me on, saying, "Go, Michele, we want you to fight against all of this more-- adding to the welfare state." And so, that's what people know. They saw me take their voice, the voice of the very real people, common people, into the halls of Congress. Now, I wanna take that very real voice into the White House where it hasn't been heard for a while (?).

RON CLAIBORNE: But the Republican-led Congress is no more popular, in fact less popular in many polls, than the president. And you're part of the Republican Congress.

MICHELE BACHMANN: No, but again, w-- w-- listen to what I said. What I said is I have observed the decline that I see America taking. And I've been fighting with everything I can, that decline. And that's why I'm offering my candidacy. Because I wanna bring true unity in the United States.

We don't have it right now. And I wanna unify everyone around this concept, especially mothers. I'm a mother, and I talk to mothers across the United States. They're terribly worried about this huge investment they have in the next generation. And they don't see that their kids are gonna have jobs, be able to buy a house, do all the things-- and they also see the economy going down. And so, what I wanna do is unify people across the country with those concerns that moms have and let them know I get it, too, as a mom. And I'm going to set the economy around so that their husbands can have jobs, they can have jobs and their kids can have a future.

RON CLAIBORNE: Okay, let me ask you this. What has President Obama gotten right? What has he done right? What do you agree with that he's done, if anything?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, I agree with the fact that he didn't have a new Marine One helicopter (LAUGH) made. Because-- very early on, there was a new limousine that he got, and he said that he wasn't going to have the helicopter because it was just outrageously expensive.

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