Qatar: Strikes Delicate Balance Against Gadhafi


"The people know that he did a constitution under no pressure," al-Thani said. "There was no pressure to do a constitution. There is no pressure to do parliament. There is no pressure to do municipal elections. There is no pressure to do a free press in Qatar. And you know a free press bring a lot of headache for Qatar."


The Qatari prime minister said the classified diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks have presented many concerns and may have a chilling effect on some diplomatic communications going forward.

"I know some of the leaders, they start now to take care what to say and what not to say after Wikileaks," al-Thani said. "And I think it will take many years until people forget what the damage have been by WikiLeaks so they can talk with the United States more frankly and more open. No doubt, there is damage in that."

Al-Thani joked: "I think they will talk about the weather more than they talk about complicated issues."

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