Rielle Hunter Reveals John Edwards' Multiple Mistresses in Tell-All


News of Hunter's pregnancy resulted in a bizarre arrangement in which Hunter lived with the Youngs and their small children, travelling across the country and ultimately settling in to a mansion in Santa Barbara, Calif.

When still in North Carolina, a pregnant Hunter was photographed by the Enquirer in a supermarket parking lot, leading to one of the strangest twists in the story -- Andrew Young claimed paternity of her unborn child.

She claims it was Young's decision, but that Edwards quickly went along with it.

"Of all the things that happened in my relationship with Johnny the thing that I regret the most is going along with this stupid idea and allowing this lie to go public," she writes.

But Hunter didn't just allow it to go public; she was complicit, even giving a statement to the Enquirer explicitly claiming Young was the father.

Strangely, even after Young claimed paternity, Hunter continued to live with him and his wife in a "big beige" house so large, she had her own wing. She was also provided with a BMW.

According to Hunter, she arranged with Young early on to receive $5,000 a month in cash to pay for travel and expenses to visit Edwards around the country.

Over time, Hunter says, Young began receiving money from Edwards' wealthy political backer Fred Baron. Baron, she claims, was giving money to support her and her baby Frances Quinn out of the goodness of his heart and not to further Edwards' political career.

Baron gave Young some $325,000, Hunter writes, more than enough needed to support Hunter and the Youngs.

Meanwhile, Young had also received more than $700,000 from another wealthy Edwards' supporter, the elderly Virginia heiress Bunny Mellon. At trial, Edwards' attorneys claimed the candidate knew nothing of those transactions and they he never ordered Young to solicit money from her.

Hunter backs up Edwards' claim, writing: "Countless press reports year after year said Bunny's money paid for my expenses, yet not one report stated that Andrew double dipped and Fred actually paid for everything. I have stood in the kitchen of my little rental house and screamed in frustration more that once: 'Where is my million dollars? You are going to send Johnny to jail for money that I never even got? That he supposedly solicited for me?'"

Young would later attempt to sell the sex tape Hunter and Edwards made in Africa, and which he discovered while she shared a home with the Youngs. Young also became the government's star witness in the prosecution of Edwards. He was granted immunity from prosecution and kept much of the money he received from Mellon.

For months after Frances Quinn was born, Edwards denied he was her father even claiming publically he was willing to take a paternity test but refusing at every turn to sign any sort of legal document attesting to the same.

In an August 2008 interview with ABC News, he confessed to the affair but still denied Quinn was his daughter.

Hunter has an explanation for his denial: he was "temporarily insane" and in "needed serious mental help."

"He was temporarily insane [during the interview]... Think about it: Sane healthy people do not deny their children, especially on national TV, simply because they are afraid of their abusive spouse's reaction. Only a mentally off person would do that." Tune in to "20/20" Friday for an Exclusive Interview With Rielle Hunter.

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