Romney's Sons: 'None of Us Expected We'd Be Here'


Of all the brothers, Tagg Romney confessed to being the "grumpiest teenager" and said he would get into arguments over "stupid things" with his father.

"It's just little things that would bug me about my dad," he recalled. "You know, his pants were too short or he was chewing too loudly. To look back ... I laugh at myself now, but when you're 16, they bug you."

One of the complaints the brothers have about their father now is his taste (or lack thereof) in movies.

"There isn't a movie he doesn't like. He just loves movies," Matt Romney said. "He gets so entertained. ... You kind of say, 'Did you see that movie?' kind of the worst movie I ever seen -- 'Oh, I just loved it.' He just loves it."

When it comes to music, Mitt Romney's favorite musician is Roy Orbison, according to his sons. They said his favorite song is "Crying" and that he has been known to belt it out around the house.

On nomination night, Romney's sons said they hope that America will get to know the man they've always known.

"We know what he's all about and I think people will really get a chance to see he's a great family man, he's a great leader. He's got a lot of big ideas for the country," said Matt Romney.

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