Morning Political Note: Knots

Campaign finance: Because every state has its own campaign finance laws, some more restrictive than McCain-Feingold, the impact of the new law will have more effect in some states than others, the Boston Globe writes out. Overall, though, one result of the law is likely to be the increase of influence of state and local parties, which can "create thousands of neighborhood offshoots, each of which could solicit soft money, Republicans and Democrats agree. Because each local committee can accept up to $10,000 per donor — and each donor could give to every committee — specialists say the amount of soft money coursing through the political system will not be limited." ( )


Pennsylvania's 15th Congressional District is getting some national attention, including an upcoming (previously postponed) fundraising visit from Vice President Cheney on behalf of the incumbent, Rep. Pat Toomey (R), because Toomey is being challenged by a steelworker, Democrat Ed O'Brien. ( )


Adam Buckman rightfully mocks Paul "Longhorn Lefty" Begala, and other "Crossfire" nicknames, pegged to the show's revamped, 7:00 p.m. debut tonight. (

Check out the ominous photos of the show's new (liberal) and returning (concervative) hosts on the website, which "suggests" that Senator Daschle, along with party chairs Racicot and McAuliffe (who takes that whack in that Frank Rich column), are the guests. We write "suggests" however, because here at ABC (at least) it's Monday, not Wednesday, as the "Crossfire" site seems to believe. (

And we bet Bob Novak thinks the Maryland game is a bigger deal than the relaunching of the show.

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