John Edwards on the Campaign Trail

As for the evening, Edwards' demeanor was ever so slightly resigned and seemingly anxious to move on. He and his wife watched results from a suite in the Radisson Hotel in Merrimack, New Hampshire with their eldest daughter, Cate. Speaking to reporters at a time results were still coming in and it looked to be a battle for third place, Edwards explained to the press that he was intent on taking his campaign to the national level. At once point Elizabeth Edwards jumped in, "He's got all the momentum," she said. Perhaps not hearing her Edwards turned and said, "Who does?" "You, you have all the momentum," she replied. "Oh yes, of course I do."

Once Kerry hit the stage, Edwards was eager to talk to his supporters, thank them, and then get out of town on the first of the three Edwards' campaign planes (all on Air Palmieri) available. He spoke briefly to Larry King, and then skipped the outstanding option to do Nightline or CBS News.

For a candidate who fully recognizes his greatest strength is connecting with voters one-on-one, leaving the intimate era of campaigning behind him must be somewhat of a mixed bag. While the Senator himself said the time is now for a different kind of campaigning he welcomes, removing that connection factor and relying solely on his oration skills in "closing arguments" will shift the face of the campaign from candidate to message even more than it has been post-Iowa.

The first stop the Senator will take that message is, of course, home. Edwards will start the day in Orangeburg, SC (where the press corps arrived at 3:00am despite the fact the city was hit with an ice storm and power had been down less than 24-hours before) before heading to Oklahoma and Missouri o with an eventual overnight in St. Louis Wednesday night.

The ad buy for the immediate future is as follows: in both New Mexico and South Carolina the 30-second spots "Better Life" and "Two Americas" are in rotation and in Oklahoma "Two Americas" is up.


MANCHESTER, N.H., Jan. 22— "This is great chapstick. I really love this chapstick." - JB

So went the observation of one Edwards' staffer late night post-debate. An insightful commentary on what is good in New Hampshire. And what else is good for the Edwards' campaign in the Granite state? The following are the top three:

1.Elvis has left the building: after Edwards' event on the Dartmouth University campus in Hanover, NH a new exit strategy was on display. After his speech Edwards was whisked outside, down the stairs and into the bus in minutes flat. In the five minutes it took to get outside, audience members hoping to catch a glimpse of the Senator missed him completely and the following commentary was overheard, "He's gone! I missed him! I can't believe it."

2.What over 30 percent of Iowa caucus-goers decided last Monday night: Edwards is a real contenda'. In response to Peter Jennings question on lack of experience Edwards hit that one out of the park.

3.I may not be an expert, but is that the point? In response to Peter Jennings question on understanding Islam, Edwards deftly admitted he was no expert. The real issue, he argued, is the challenge in understanding the people, not solely their choice of prophecy.

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