Hill Debates 'Carbon Monoxide Meat'

Hormel's CEO Jeffrey Ettinger said that his company does not "add carbon monoxide to make a product look fresh past it's code date" and that "consumers are not eating bad product and are not being deceived by this technology."

"Color is not an adequate indicator of freshness and the consumer should refer to the use-by/freeze-by date," Ettinger suggested.

The testimony was not enough to placate Dingell. "The consumer is at risk and I think that Food and Drug is not doing its job," Dingell said. "Food and Drug is the architect of this misery, and we've got to see to it that Food and Drug do a better job," he said.

Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, said that if that's the case, then "the architect of the misery really does not have much to show for their architecture" because "we've got no illnesses and no deaths" from this practice, according to the company CEOs.

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