Transcript: White House Senior Advisor David Plouffe

WALTER: Because they're not in love with them. And this is the problem, that conservatives continue to think that there's somebody else out there, whether it's Chris Christie, or they're going to make Rick Perry into being what they want him to be.

WILL: And Romney's best friend may turn out to be Greece, because the more serious the world becomes, the more people are going to say, who do we want to manage the calamity that is engulfing us? And it may be coming at us.

BRAZILE: Well, you know, what's -- Tina Turner said it best. What's love got to do with it?


And, unfortunately, I think the Republicans are already looking at victory before -- President Obama still has a great deal of assets. I mean, this -- he's had a terrible month, but he's finally pivoted to something that I believe most Americans care about, and that is talking about jobs. Republicans are -- care about the president losing his job, but most voters want the president to still succeed in creating jobs.

And so I think, as long as he can stay focused on his number-one message right now, which is job creation, take it to the Republicans, the president will be able to get back many of the Democrats and independents that he's lost over the summer.

AMANPOUR: And you saw his speech last night, obviously. You were probably there, the...



AMANPOUR: Well, anyway, you saw it.

BRAZILE: Just because a lot of black people are gathering...



AMANPOUR: So was it right to -- to -- to, you know, give them a poke in the side there, saying, "Listen, guys, get your marching shoes on"?

BRAZILE: He said take off your bedroom slippers. No one had on their slippers; they just want to march. But they don't want to march to bipartisan coordination, when they see the president have to give up so much in pursuit of getting Republicans on board. That's why I think last night the president, once again, emphasized jobs, jobs, jobs. As long as he's talking about jobs, everybody will march in line.

AMANPOUR: So are you -- are you convinced, are you pleased by the new combative tone that everybody's talking about that President Obama is adopting?

BRAZILE: You know, I think I can speak for many Democrats, they want someone in the room who will fight for Democratic core values, Democratic beliefs. Just like Republicans fight for their core values, Tea Party want a purist. That's why they're not happy with Romney. They -- Democrats want a fighter. And that's what Obama is presenting himself as.

WALTER: Well, and here's where the immigration issue becomes really interesting, because while in the primary we know it's problematic, and it's problematic for Perry, not just because it's a social issue problem, but it could also be a fiscal issue problem for him, right? He's trying to put himself out there as -- he's a guy who's going to look out for your wallet, and then they come back at him and say, well, actually, you're giving tax benefits to illegal immigrants.

But it's also a problem for -- for Republicans to say, "Let's put this guy out because of his immigration issues." Yet to win the presidency, you've got to get Hispanic voters.

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