TRANSCRIPT: Female Senators Sit Down With Diane Sawyer


So we are there, we're in force and we're in leadership positions. But it's not just the position that we hold. I can tell you this is a can-do crowd. We want to focus on the macaroni and cheese issues as well as the macro issues, what helps families and what helps America. And we want to do--



SENATOR DEBBIE STABENOW: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.


SENATOR DEBBIE STABENOW: Diane, I wanted to just add to that because-- it was in 2000 when a number of us came in that we had 13 women. And it was the first time in 2001 when we had enough women to actually be on every committee, to have a woman's voice, a woman's experience-- a woman's values on every committee. You fast forward to now, the new year. There will be six of us chairing committees and other women in the ranking member spot. And so huge difference in the last decade. And I think the public understands to get things done we're the ones that want to work across the aisle to do that.


SENATOR BARBARA BOXER: But can I say I think that until we get to 50-- we still have to fight because-- it's still a problem. We are underrepresented, women are. You make the point, the majority of the population: women. The majority of health care decisions: women. And the majority now even in law school-- law sch-- graduates: women.

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