'This Week' Transcript: Senators Charles Schumer and Jon Kyl

KARL: OK, we are -- we are just about out of time. I want the bottom line from both of you. Even if Senators Reid and McConnell come to a deal, you're the top Republican vote-counter, will it pass and will it fly in the House? Will this be done in time?

KYL: If there is enough in the agreement for Republicans to be able to support it and we can get a majority of Republicans in the Senate and a majority of Democrats in the Senate, then I think there's a good opportunity for a majority of Democrats and Republicans in the House to support such a package. And I think a lot of that depends upon whether President Obama is willing to compromise this sort of fixation with raising taxes above anybody making more than $200,000 a year.

SCHUMER: Reid and McConnell are both very good leaders and very good vote-counters. If they come to an agreement, they know that they will be able to carry a majority of each of their troops. The real question mark is the House. The House is a bit out of control. They're the reason we've had the problems all along. But my guess? If the House and Senate agree and Leader McConnell agrees, the House will go along with it, too.

KARL: All right. Senator...


KYL: ... could I just say -- I would just say, it is not out of control to want to do something about our runaway spending in this country.

SCHUMER: You've got to compromise. You've got to compromise.

KARL: Senator Schumer, Senator Kyl...

KYL: Thanks, Jonathan.

KARL: ... thank you so much for joining us, and I hope you are right to be optimistic.

Up next, the House has its say. Are they ready to vote yes on a potential deal that may come from the Senate? Plus, our powerhouse roundtable waiting in the wings, their take on the toxic environment in Washington, the cliff chaos, and their predictions for 2013. We'll be right back.


KARL: Let's turn now to the House. We're joined by Democratic Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland and Republican Representative Raul Labrador of Idaho.

So you just heard it from your Senate counterparts. They appear to be close to a deal, a mini-deal. Will it fly in the House?

VAN HOLLEN: Well, the House is a real problem, because, as we know, Speaker Boehner, the Republican speaker in the House, was unable to get his members to support his own plan, which said that we should ask people earning more than $1 million a year to pay a little bit more. And so Speaker Boehner is going to have to decide that he's going to allow the House finally to vote on a deal, whatever may come out of the Senate, rather than -- rather than play Republican caucus politics in the House.

KARL: But I guess the question you can answer is the Democrats. Based -- the deal we're talking about now, which would not address the debt ceiling, which would extend tax cuts to whatever income level they agree to, and do a couple of other things, like extend unemployment benefits, would Democrats en masse vote to support that in the House?

VAN HOLLEN: Well, Jon, I think you know -- and we'll probably be saying the same thing on this -- until we know exactly what the Senate's proposing, the senators couldn't tell us the details, it's impossible to know. It depends on the deal.

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