'This Week' Transcript: Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann

ROMNEY: Look, I'm not going to eat Barack Obama's dog food, all right? What he served up was not what I would have done if I'd have been president of the United States.

BAIER: I understand. You have the next question.


SANTORUM: ... haven't had a chance to say a whole lot.

BAIER: You have the next question, Senator.

TAPPER: Sorry, Senator, it must have been tough to get a word in with those other seven candidates on the stage. Here in Ames, we also ran into David Axelrod, a key campaign strategist for President Obama's re-election. He was here scouting the opposition. This week's gyrations on Wall Street were the wildest of the Obama presidency.

(UNKNOWN): When I woke up this morning, this is not what I expected to see.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The Dow down more than 600 points.

BAIER: It was a buckle-your-seatbelt kind of day in the stock market.

TAPPER (on-screen): It feels like the job of re-electing him, of getting him re-elected, your job, has gotten tougher, that he's more vulnerable than he's ever been. I know we're a long way away.

AXELROD: Yeah, and one thing I know is that, as -- as -- as these -- all these Republican candidates mortgage themselves to the most strident voices in their party, they're making it more difficult to win a general election.

TAPPER: How do you see evidence of that with the Republicans?

AXELROD: Well, look, every single one of them stood by and encouraged the kind of strident brinksmanship that we saw around the debt ceiling debate, instead of being a force for compromising and a force for moving -- for solving the problem.

TAPPER: Can I ask you a substantive question or two?

PALIN: Yeah, hold one second. I'm going to meet a heifer first.

TAPPER: A heifer first?

PALIN: First, yeah.

TAPPER (voice-over): Friday, just hours after the debate, the action returned to the state fairgrounds in Des Moines, as a political star reappeared after a six-week hiatus.

PALIN: You don't sound like Iowa, sir.

TAPPER: Sarah Palin was not at the debate, was not on the straw poll ballot, and is not even a candidate, at least not yet.

(on-screen): I don't understand why you haven't thrown your hat into the ring if you're going to throw your hat into the ring.

PALIN: I still think it's early. I think it's too early. And I think that there's still plenty of time for not just me, but others to -- to consider jumping in the ring.

TAPPER: So by next month?

PALIN: I think that, practically speaking, that has to be kind of a drop-dead timeline.

TAPPER: What did you think of the debate last night?

PALIN: It was good.


PALIN: They kind of took their gloves off. That was good.

TAPPER: What would you do if you were president right now for the economy? What would you do for the economy?

PALIN: I'd eliminate the uncertainty in the economy and let our job creators know that, number one, we will cut taxes, we'll cut corporate taxes, we'll cut every tax that Congress would allow.

TAPPER (voice-over): As Palin bumped along, creating a media mob scene, elsewhere you couldn't go far without bumping into an actual presidential candidate.

BACHMANN: Hi, guys.

TAPPER: Here's Michele Bachmann diving into a corn dog and Newt Gingrich strolling with his wife.

(on-screen): All these photographers? Former Governor Pawlenty from Minnesota is flipping pork.

PAWLENTY: Over the shoulder.

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