'This Week' Transcript: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

STEPHANOPOULOS: Wait a second. That may be true, but is it really what happened on a Sunday show? There are legitimate questions about what was the security situation at the mission at Benghazi, why wasn't there more security, but that's not her job.


RATTNER: There are two separate issues. One is what happened in Benghazi, and there is an investigation going on by two very high level, distinguished, people. And we'll get the report, and then we can debate, and then we can debate that. And that's a fair debate to have, as to how Benghazi was handled.

I don't believe that what's being done to Susan Rice right now is fair. It's politics, it's ugly, and it may force the president not to nominate her. But I don't think it's fair.

ROBERTS: But this political part about it is not only just the upset over Benghazi, there's the internal Senate politics. And John Kerry, now he's not always been a favorite of his colleagues, but they seem to be supporting him now, but there is also the question of, if he leaves the Senate, who gets elected in Massachusetts.


SENOR: Look, I think everyone understands that John Kerry is going to be nominated for something. If it is not secretary of state, it could be the secretary of defense. This idea that they're holding up Susan Rice because of this plan to get Scott Brown maybe elected -- I just think it's--


SENOR: That's too much. I just want to come back to something. Look, there is this investigation going on in Benghazi. But there are certain things that we can get basic answers to. There was a complete security vacuum in Libya before September 11th, 2012. There was. I mean, there were -- transactional terrorist groups were able to fill that vacuum. Our security was depending on these local Libyan militia. These are things we know. What happened on September 11? What the president did in the Situation Room on September 11? These are things he knows. What happened after September 11, in terms of how the administration communicated to the American public? They don't have to wait for Chip Pickering to do an investigation. These are basic questions that can be answered, and they haven't been, which is why you see one opening, which is this possible nomination of Susan Rice becoming this--

ROBERTS: And that nomination would become an entire investigation of Benghazi. That's what that nomination would become.

RATTNER: Susan Rice wasn't responsible for Benghazi.

ROBERTS: I understand that.

RATTNER: If these guys have all the questions, all those good questions you just asked, if they have all those good questions you just asked, they should ask those questions and not start talking about Susan Rice --


COLE: The president has to make a decision here. Do I really want this fight? Is this really going to be helpful? Is this in the best interests of the country? Is this person so indispensable that she's the only person I can find to be secretary of state, or do I avoid the fight, find somebody else that's perfectly acceptable, perfectly defensible? My money is he probably comes down there. He's going to have plenty of fights. This is not one I would go pick.

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