Poll: What We Want for Christmas

Others move far up the luxury scale. Why just money when you can have "money and wine," which takes us to "a wine rack" for the practical minded and "a bottle of French champagne" for the party-minded. A middle-aged New York woman wants "a massage every week."

Holidays make the list – "a trip to Thailand or Hawaii," a European vacation, a "cruise, 5-day" or "an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation" would do the trick. Headed the other way, a 49-year-old Washington man is in the mood for "a trip home."

Others want their own home, a new home or home repairs. A 24-year-old Louisianan's ready for "my own place." With the home, of course, comes the lawn: "I want a new John Deere mower from Santa Claus," declares a 64-year-old Michigander.

While some work on the grass, others reach for the stars. "Make it to heaven" is the wish of a 44-year-old Louisiana man. Others think about peace down here, in a variety of configurations: "world peace," "peace on Earth," "peace of mind," "peace and quiet." A woman with notably mixed ambitions yearns both for "peace on Earth… and something in red, like a beautiful red sweater."

Politics and policy come into it for some. "I would like to get our country settled down," says an Indiana woman. A 60-year-old man wants "all the soldiers home" for the holidays. A 50-year-old in Minnesota wants "affordable health care coverage," a Kentucky woman requests "another president" for the holidays; a Michigan man wants the "national debt in the United States gone."

Others are show far more equanimity. An older gentleman in West Virginia has no wants whatsoever. "I've got guns I hunt with, a pretty wife, a pickup truck, and two chauffeurs," he says. "I have everything I need."

And to close there's a younger fellow in Washington state, just starting down the road: "I would like to have a healthy baby born," he says. "I'm expecting on Christmas."

METHODOLOGY – This ABC News poll was conducted by telephone Nov. 18-22, 2009, among a random national sample of 1,002 adults including landline and cell-phone respondents. The results have a 4-point error margin. Click here for a detailed description of sampling error. Field work by Social Science Research Solutions at ICR-International Communications Research of Media, Pa.

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