Tom Cruise Confronts Rumors About Silent Birth

"I can't say that it's greater than that at all. It's just different," he said. "And I can say with Kate, it's ... to have this with her is, it's really beautiful."

Cruise said he will be there for the delivery. He also insists, despite claims in the gossip magazines, that there are no problems between him and Holmes' parents, who are devout Catholics.

Growing up, Cruise attended 15 different schools in 12 years -- all made more terrifying by the fact that he had a learning disability. And he says he had a difficult relationship with his father.

"It was a roller-coaster ride with him," Cruise said of his father. "You know, there's calm waters and there's not calm waters. So you're kind of looking going... well, I'm never on safe ground here."

For 10 years, Cruise didn't see or talk to his father. Then he learned his father was dying and went to visit him in the hospital.

"Mostly, I just wanted him to know it was OK," he said. "It was mostly just him just getting a chance to see us. And he hadn't seen any of my films or anything like that. And I saw basically the level of regret that he had in his life. And that's, you know, I felt bad for him."

His father died in 1984. Not long after, Cruise joined the Church of Scientology, which says it can help clear people of past psychic scars.

'She Loves Cupcakes'

Of his now-legendary appearance on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," where he manically declared his love for Holmes, Cruise laughed and said, "Now there's some fun."

"People really have come out of the woodwork and felt very open now about discussing their couch-jumping experiences, you know in their own lives when they've gone through it, and the different things that they did when they, you know, when they found that person that they really love, and knew they were going to share the rest of their life with," he said.

When asked what he has learned about Holmes since their relationship began, Cruise called her "extraordinary" -- a word that comes up often when he talks about her.

"She's got this spirit," he said. "She'll get in the back of that, you know, these airplanes and want to fly. [She] has that sense of adventure."

As for the little things, Cruise says "she loves cupcakes...she loves to laugh."

And when pressed, he said that Holmes only "drives him crazy" in a good way.

"Her smile drives me crazy in a good way. She has this thing that she does with her tongue when she smiles," he said. "When she's really laughing when her tongue sticks out. And so I've seen people that have photographed that, and it's the cutest thing. But ...when we're riding motorcycles ...I tell her look, please don't stick your tongue out. If we hit a bump or anything I get a little bit nervous."

And right then, during a break in the interview, and an aide walked up and handed Cruise a BlackBerry. He began messaging with Holmes who wrote, "love you, way to go, have a great interview!! No baby action yet."

When the "baby action" time does come, Cruise said he will tell his child "what a beautiful life you're gonna have."

"I remember doing that with ...both Isabella and Connor, just talking about all the fun that we're gonna have together in the future and all the great things we're gonna do," Cruise said. "And I can't wait ...I can't wait to meet this baby."

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