Behind Closed Doors, Abuse Caught on Tape


The video proved a single incident of violence, and Jasper's calendar became an important piece of physical evidence for the prosecution's case.

Armed with Susan and her sons' testimony, the calendar, the videotape and Jasper's testimony, the prosecution charged Ulner with 12 separate assaults against his wife.

Ulner was found guilty on all counts, and the judge handed down a sentence of 36 years, which, to Rodwin's knowledge, is the longest in New York history for a domestic-violence case in which the victim wasn't killed.

Today, four years later, Susan is moving on with her life, living with her two sons. "We continue to grow. We're in a much better place," Susan said. Her boys are doing well, despite the painful memories.

"My children will absolutely have to deal and remember and hear in the back of their minds what happened in our home," she said. "Those visual pictures will never go away for them."

They all remain in therapy, including the daughter who is also in counseling with her mother. "We're making great strides," Susan said. "She's doing well." And in what Susan describes as a "huge step," she and her three children have all gotten together on several occasions. "We're pulling our family together."

Susan and Jasper, her former boss, remain close friends.

Susan continues to spread domestic-violence awareness and uses her abuse video at police academies as a tool to put a personal face on this epidemic. She also hopes to start a foundation to help children of domestic violence. Recently, a family violence center named its Courage to Change award after Susan. It will be awarded annually to a victim or advocate of domestic violence.

If you or someone you know is involved in a domestic-violence relationship, or if you want to learn more about it, please call The National Domestic Violence hot line, open 24 hours a day, at 1-800-799-SAFE or click here.

"20/20's" program "Abuse Behind Closed Doors" was honored with a Gracie Award last month by the American Women in Radio and Television and has been nominated for a News & Documentary Emmy Award for outstanding feature story in a news magazine.

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