Broncos could use more bruisers

Q: I respect your work a lot, but your view on Marshawn Lynch's reticence seems rather Draconian. Why force the issue? Are reporters getting nervous that other players will follow suit and they won't have anything to write about? In addition to the many players who are more than happy to get media exposure, does the game itself not provide sufficient material? Personally, I recognize my own ignorance; I'm therefore always impressed with writers like you who can break down X's and O's in a way that's both informed and accessible to most fans. Why bug Lynch? Can we not accept a range of player attitudes toward what even you must admit is a pretty frenzied media culture?

Brian in Quincy, Mass.

A: It would be a different situation if Lynch were camera shy or had personal issues that caused him not to be interviewed. That wasn't the case. He's a great interview one-on-one. He simply didn't want to do it. He's been resisting interviews for more than two years. The league stepped in and fined him $50,000, then rescinded it. If he failed to talk again, the fine would jump to $100,000. He's one of the most important players on the Seahawks and one of the best running backs in the league. You noticed once he gave a seven-minute interview Thursday, the issue went away. Players are required to give interviews. It is in their contracts. Lynch does want media exposure. He does commercials. He has a Skittles sponsorship. All he has to do is some group interviews. It's part of the job.

Q: I was wondering why the Raiders don't move Marcel Reece to halfback instead of playing him at fullback. He has shown he can produce when put in that role.

From Sean in Jamestown, N.Y.

A: It is an option if they can't come up with another back in the draft or in free agency. I think it's pretty clear they aren't going to re-sign Darren McFadden. If the Raiders can't find an explosive back, he might be the best option. Reece is a great player. He needs to be on the field. But the Raiders' offense would be better if it had an explosive back and Reece on the field at the same time.

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