Lionel Hollins ready to coach again

"My identity was tied to the team's identity," Hollins said of his defensive-minded, slow-paced, "grit-grind" teams in Memphis. "But the only things I'd like to be tied to were that they were tough, they were aggressive, and they never quit. The rest of it was because of who they [the Grizzlies roster] were. They were a very physical, inside dominant team. That's why we played that way. We weren't a great team in terms of taking care of the ball when we played fast, so we slowed it down.

"When I first came to Memphis I wanted to run, and we tried to run, but it just wasn't the makeup of the team. Being out allows me to go and look at the up-tempo teams and different styles of ball movement and playing side to side that we kind of got away from because we had a dominant set of big people inside and we took advantage of it. The next team I get may not be that way. So I want to make sure I'm prepared to play whatever style is necessary for us to play."

Over the summer, Hollins said he had an opportunity to join Maurice Cheeks' staff with the Detroit Pistons as an assistant coach but declined.

"I had done it [serve as an assistant coach] for a long time before I was given the opportunity to be a head coach," Hollins said. "But my thought process was, 'I've established myself as a head coach. I'd like to stay in that state at the moment.' But if it didn't work out, yeah, I'd go back and be an assistant coach. I'd go to college and be a head coach there, if I had the opportunity. But my thought process is to be a professional head coach."

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