Seaus to opt out of concussion deal

That committee, led by Tagliabue's personal physician, Elliot Pellman, who was also the New York Jets' team doctor, attacked neuroscientists who presented evidence suggesting that, in fact, the repeated head trauma related to football had led to significant brain damage in an alarming number of former players, including Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster and Chicago Bears defensive back Dave Duerson.

Duerson's relatives also sued the NFL. They have not yet indicated whether they intend to opt out of the deal.

Duerson's lawyers also have complained about the unwillingness of the NFL and lead counsel for the players to share information about how the settlement was reached and how the grid designating payoffs for various cognitive issues was crafted. In response to motions by entities such as ESPN, Bloomberg and several players, the league and the lead counsel for the plaintiffs signaled this week that they will produce the documents if the judge orders them to do so.

"We'd like all the info, we can't determine how the grid was even determined," Strauss said. "How did they come up with the grid amounts? We'd like to know the foundational basis that was presented to ... the court for approval. There has been a real sound of secrecy around these settlement discussions and the whole process."

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