Sizing up the coaching situations

Q: As a Broncos fan, Thursday's night game has me very concerned. Most of the games they've won, the defense played poorly but was bailed out because of a historically good offense. But Thursday's game showed what can happen if the Broncos' offense stalls, which is bound to happen in the playoffs, with the league's best teams preparing for them. The defense needs to be revamped quickly. Wouldn't it be a good idea to bring a new defensive coordinator, similar to Cam Cameron being replaced by Jim Caldwell for the Ravens last year? I understand Jack Del Rio did a solid job as interim head coach, but how hard is it to win two or three games with Peyton Manning as your quarterback? I fear the defense will let the team down when it matters most in the playoffs, just like it did last year and a dramatic change is necessary.

Derrick in Fairfax, Va.

A: The San Diego game was concerning, but it was just one game. John Fox is just settling back into his head-coaching job, but don't forget he's a great defensive mind. The advantage of having 11 wins is they bought time to get some things fixed. There is no need to bring in a new coach. Del Rio kept the Broncos afloat while Fox was recovering from heart surgery and kept them in position to be the No. 1 seed in the AFC. Caldwell was on the staff in Baltimore when they fired Cameron. Del Rio now has more time to work with the defense and cut down on some of the mistakes. Del Rio needs to be praised, not criticized. He's served the Broncos very well since coming to town.

Q: The Broncos looked exhausted on Thursday and are lucky they didn't suffer a major injury. I understand the ratings push behind Thursday Night Football, but three days' rest is simply not enough this late in the season. Here is my proposal: Thursday night games run until Thanksgiving. After that, since college football is over, replace them with Saturday night games. This will give teams enough time to recover late in the season.

From Matt in Astoria, N.Y.

A: This idea makes sense, but owners won't go for it. Thursday night is a more valuable television property than Saturday night. The NFL is considering offering some of the Thursday night games to other networks to draw in more money. Heck, owners might start to look to sell a Saturday package after the college football season is over (as you suggested) in addition to having the Thursday night games. The NFL considers the Thursday night games a success. They aren't going to go back to turning Thursday night dark for NFL games.

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