Today's version: 'Field of Dreams II'

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Released 25 years ago this week, "Field of Dreams" tells the story of an Iowa farmer who listens to a mysterious voice that tells him to build a ballfield in the middle of his corn so the long-dead Shoeless Joe Jackson can return to the game. Shoeless Joe had been part of baseball's worst scandal -- the White Sox fixing the 1919 World Series -- but "Field of Dreams" helped restore his reputation.

The movie was filmed just before two other major scandals hit baseball. Which begs the question: If Hollywood filmed a re-make of "Field of Dreams" now, what baseball players would step out of the cornfield?

Field of Dreams 2.014

[SCENE 1: Iowa farmer RAY KINSELLA (played by Bradley Cooper) is working in his field on a warm summer day when a voice from out of nowhere speaks to him softly.]

THE VOICE: If you build it . . . he will come.

[RAY either doesn't hear the voice or ignores it. He continues to work in the field. The Voice returns, this time a little louder.]

THE VOICE: If you build it . . . he will come.

[Again, RAY either doesn't hear the voice or ignores it and continues to work in the field. This time The Voice starts yelling.]


RAY: Hello? This is 2014, buddy. If you want a response, shoot me a text.

[SCENE 2: KINSELLA is in his kitchen, speaking with his wife, ANNIE (played by Amy Adams).]

RAY: Annie, I think I know what The Voice means when he says, "If you build it, he will come."

ANNIE: Uh-oh. Why does that sound as bad as when you said we should invest our life savings in Nokia because everyone was going to be using their phones instead of Apple's and Samsung's?

RAY: Forget that. This is different. I think the message means if I build a ballfield, Shoeless Joe Jackson will come.

ANNIE: Build a baseball field on our farm? With the price of corn these days because of Ethanol? What, are you seeing visions?

RAY: Yeah, kind of. The Voice sent me an image of a baseball field on Instagram. He also tweeted it and posted it on my Facebook page.

[SCENE 5: It is many weeks later. Ray has transformed his cornfield into a gorgeous baseball diamond but despite what The Voice said, no one has appeared at the field. RAY and ANNIE are at the kitchen table, going over their finances and realizing they are near bankruptcy. Daughter KARIN is in the living room, peering out the window.]

KARIN: Daddy, there's a man on your lawn.

[Excited, RAY races to the front porch to see if the man is who he thinks it is, who he desperately hopes it is, who it damn well better be. After a while, RAY returns inside the house with a disappointed look.]

ANNIE: Well? Is it him? Is it Shoeless Joe Jackson?

RAY: No. It's Pete Rose.

ANNIE: Charlie Hustle? Hmmm. Maybe The Voice wasn't telling you to build the field. Maybe he was warning you what would happen if you did.

[SCENE 6: RAY and PETE are talking on the diamond. PETE is sitting at a table, waiting impatiently for fans to show up and buy an autograph.]

RAY: When the Voice told me, "If you build it, he will come," I thought he was referring to my grandfather's favorite player, Shoeless Joe Jackson. Not you. I mean, you're not dead, are you?

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