Twilight of the running back

Tennessee Titans: The greatest of draft clich├ęs: "We were surprised he was still there." Ken Whisenhunt on first choice Taylor Lewan: "None of us thought he would be available." NFL franchises are entertainment organizations. Creating a sense that something unexpectedly good happened -- star surprisingly available, we got a steal! -- might sell tickets. Whisenhunt added that Lewan is "a physical player." What other kind of football player is there?

Washington R dskns: DeSean Jackson takes a quick ride from Philly to the nation's capital. Jackson doesn't have to pronounce "Schuylkill" any longer! The last time the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons overpaid for someone the Eagles wanted to unload, Donovan McNabb, Washington soon regretted its actions. Chainsaw Dan Snyder gave a huge check to the Eagles' Jeremiah Trotter, and almost immediately wished he hadn't. Chainsaw Dan gave hefty checks to Albert Haynesworth, Bruce Smith and Deion Sanders when these players were past their primes.

This winter the R dskns also handed a sack of doubloons to free agent Jason Hatcher, a 32-year-old defensive end for Dallas -- which had the league's lowest-ranked defense and fewest sacks per pass attempt in the league. Of course all professional sports organizations make player-personnel errors. But there's something about the combination of Dan Snyder and large amounts of money that leads to woe. On big-deal signings, Chainsaw Dan has been wrong more often than he has been right.

Philadelphia waived Jackson rather than trade him because the Eagles couldn't find a trade partner. Other teams were interested in acquiring Jackson, but not in acquiring his contract. Trading for Jackson would have put his new employer on the hook for the $10 million his deal guaranteed. After Jackson was waived, Chainsaw Dan gave him $16 million in guarantees. That means the R dskns owner was bidding against himself. The market already said no team was willing to promise Jackson $10 million; Snyder promised even more. What a canny businessman! Once again TMQ wonders, how did this guy become rich?

Next Week: Next week comes in August, when the NFL artificial universe resumes.

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