10 iPhone Apps for a Better Night's Sleep

General health practitioners recommend that adults get at least seven hours of sleep each night for optimal functioning of mind, body and spirit.

Countless studies have proven the direct links between sleep quality and its effects on healthy immune functions, memory, learning, metabolism and much more.

A good night's sleep starts with a bedtime routine that prepares your body for a restful night ahead. Some drift off peacefully with the help of simple melodies, while others prefer a calming voice to guide them The following apps provide options for people of all sleep styles.

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Forget counting those sheep and upgrade to sleep 2.0 with these 10 app picks.

1. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

This app is a guided meditation with self-help expert Andrew Johnson (who just happens to sound a wee bit like Sean Connery). The aim is to gently ease you into a more relaxed state, eventually falling into a deep sleep. With soothing instructions for breathing and relaxation techniques, this app works like a charm and can become a valued part of anyone's nighttime routine.

Cost: $2.99

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2. aSleep 3

aSleep 3 provides a medley of sleep-related services like an alarm clock, timer, nature sounds, chromotherapy, weather and even a snore detector. Although there are some oddities in the sound options (didgeridoo, anyone?), this app provides a mix of features that can complement a good night's sleep.

Cost: $0.99

3. pzizz sleep

Claiming to be your "personal sleep assistant," pzizz is an app that aims to cure insomnia and keep users in a deep state of sleep throughout the night. The steep price can be partly attributed to the range of scientific techniques built-in, such as binaural beats and neurolinguistic programming, that creates more than one billion soundtrack combinations. With so many available, your mind won't get bored by the monotony of a repetitive track every night.

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Modes of play include Energizer, Meditation and Sleep, and they are fully customizable to desired length. If you are wary of the high price, there is a lite version currently on sale for $0.99.

Cost: $9.99

4. Long Deep Breathing

Long Deep Breathing is a simple, no frills app that promotes the practice of deep breathing for better health. Using what's essentially a breath gauge, you simply follow the visual cues for inhaling and exhaling. You can adjust the length of each breath and eventually increase the duration.

According to the app, the average person breathes about 12-16 times each minute. By practicing and working that number down, you will reap the benefits and calm the mind. Good information about the benefits of breathing is also included in the app.

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Cost: $0.99

5. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

If you're really committed to learning more about your sleep habits, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock provides you with a tool for analyzing your sleep habits. By literally placing the iPhone next to you while you sleep, the app will monitor your movement and wake you in your lightest sleep phase so you arise feeling refreshed and well-rested.

Cost: $0.99

6. eSleep

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