Caught On Tape: You're Being Watched

You have a society in which people no longer feel that they're free.

University of Pennsylvania law professor Anita Allen says we're starting to approach Orwell's "1984." "To the extent that we're allowing government to put up cameras, to mount cameras and spy on us, inspect us 24/7, we're becoming more like that Orwellian world," Allen said.

Intimate Violations

And violations are only getting more intimate. Now that cameras keep getting smaller and cheaper, it's easier for people to put hidden cameras where we absolutely have an expectation of privacy -- say, when we're naked -- as women were in a locker room in a private health club in Austin, Texas.

"Pretty much anywhere you were in here you were picked up by a camera," said Bobbi Eaves, a member at the club.

Eaves said she and other women who worked out at the gym were shocked to learn that the owner had planted hidden cameras all around the club locker room. Hundreds of women were photographed changing their clothes and getting in and out of showers.

Eaves' twin daughters, Morgan and Mikal-Ann, also worked out at the gym and the owner persuaded the mother and her daughters to pose for the club calendar. For the photo shoot, he told them to change in the club nursery, but it was a trick.

"We had changed in a nursery and he had hidden cameras in the crib of the nursery. So while we changed, he had videoed us," Morgan said.

Morgan and Mikal-Ann were also caught on tape working at the front desk. There was a camera placed in a gym bag under the desk.

When the club owner, Peter Schmitz, was finally arrested and his tapes confiscated, police showed the twins the videos.

"We got called into the detective's office. We sat and identified like 6,000 pictures one night. ... I was completely shocked. I didn't know what to do. I just started bawling immediately," Morgan said.

Police gave the bad news to dozens of women including another teenage victim, Stefani Meyman.

"As soon as I walked into the detective's office, they recognized me," she said. "My heart sank right there."

Schmitz is in prison now -- serving two years for "improper photography."

Ironically, he was caught by his own cameras. He'd secretly videotaped himself having sex with a married woman. When she tried to break up with him, he threatened to show the tapes to her husband. She went to the police.

'Scrapbooking' -- Kids Catching Themselves on Tape

More people are videotaping themselves doing bizarre things. One growing phenomenon is "scrapbooking," when kids see a stunt on TV and movies and imitate it.

One boy set himself on fire while his friends videotaped it. He was seriously burned.

New York police Lt. Steve Mona says a videotape showing a dangerous stunt like this is considered a trophy.

"Video is a way of proving, 'Hey, look what I did.' It might sound silly to us, but to them it's a really big deal," Mona said.

Amazingly, some people even record their own criminal acts. One group of boys taped themselves beating and then robbing a man.

Other boys kept their camera rolling while they broke into a cabin and destroyed almost everything in it. The camera was still recording them when the police arrived.

In another instance, two boys taped themselves breaking into a police car, dousing it with gasoline and setting it on fire.

Perhaps the most horrifying scrapbook video was one made by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. They taped themselves firing an arsenal of weapons in a Colorado forest, just six weeks before they open fired on students and teachers at Columbine High School, killing 15 people, including themselves.

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