TechBytes: Facebook Facelift

VIDEO: Facebook unveiled a new homepage

Facebook, the social networking giant, began rolling out a new look to its home page yesterday to celebrate its sixth birthday.

The top menu bar now features a drop-down list with your newest notifications, requests and messages.

There are also new applications and games dashboards that help you quickly find your favorite apps and games while making it easy to discover new ones.

Facebook also announced that it now has more than 400 million members only five months after reaching the 300 million mark.

Farmville on MSN Games

VIDEO: Facebook unveiled a new homepage yesterday.Play
Facebook Gives Homepage a Makeover

One of the most popular games on Facebook is branching out.

The smash hit Farmville is now featured on Microsoft's casual gaming site MSN Games.

The game's creator is hoping to expand its audience beyond the more than 75 million people that already play Farmville on Facebook every month. But, even on MSN you will still need a Facebook account login to play.

3D Laptop Review

It seems like 3D is everywhere these days: movies, television, sporting events…and now computers.

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There are a couple of new 3D laptops on the market brought to you by Acer and Asus.

USA Today's Ed Baig has been testing them out and says they're not quite ready for prime time yet.

"3D on a laptop is an intriguing curiosity, but I want the technology to improve and more importantly, get more content to watch on the [laptop]," Baig says. "There are some interesting games, but we're going to need more."

Read the rest of Ed Baig's review on

Space Robot

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There's a new cutting edge robot from NASA and General Motors. Their engineers have teamed up to develop "Robonaut 2" or R2. They say it is the world's most dexterous robot capable of working alongside humans in factories and in space.

Although they are still improving R2, engineers want to create a machine that works with the same speed and dexterity as a human.

GM hopes it will lead to safer cars and safer plants. NASA says R2 will help humans work and explore in space.

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Watch the R2 in motion on

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