Cast Your Presidential Ballot Online?

And supporters say security issues can be addressed and solved -- eventually -- much in the way the industry continues to work to secure online banking and other financial transactions.

Critics such as Dill, however, says such arguments aren't persuasive.

"That is just plain wrong," said Dill. "With Net banking, there is phishing and a certain amount of fraud. That becomes part of the cost of doing business [online]. We don't have that option with voting."

How technologically advanced the U.S. voting system will become is still largely up in the air. But all the attention on current electronic voting systems will certainly help, says Dill.

"There is a steep learning curve when it comes to the electronic election process and more and more people are climbing it," said Dill. "You have people with a technical background, people that know the process, know the law ... and there's discussion now."

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