Amy's Answers: 'I Don't Mind the Public Scrutiny'

Kay in New York asks: Hey Amy. I watched the series premier of "Hooking Up". It was very interesting. I live in New York and was wondering what site do you go on to date online? Thank You.

Amy's answer: I date on Match and eHarmony. Even if I meet someone out and about, I will ask them for their screen name on Match so I can check them out before I go out with them. Match has tons of people, eHarmony has great questions and such, but not so many people yet. If you are Jewish try Jdate and if not there are others as well, Lavalife, Nerve etc. It just depends on what you are looking for.

William in Pennsylvania asks: Hi Amy, I have tried Match and am currently Yahooing with very little success. I am 33 and a professional traveling critical care nurse in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. I have always been honest and straight forward in my profiles. I find that my professional career has eroded my social life. This is due to my work schedule and the requirement of working every other weekend. Do you think I should avoid mentioning my job or work schedule? Do you have any suggestions?

Amy's answer: You have to be honest with others and more importantly with yourself. Are you looking for a lifelong mate? Do you put your career before your relationships? Do you really think it is fair to ask potential mates to put up with your schedule? Have you considered asking your employer to adjust it so you can lead a somewhat normal life? I would personally never go out with someone who wouldn't be around on the weekends. If I were you I would find a job that has a better schedule or find a girl who either has a similar schedule or who really enjoys her independence. Under no circumstances should you mislead your potential mates. Also, if you aren't looking to settle down and just want a casual relationship, then consider what you want and find someone who will give it to you. She may want something in return, but life is about compromise and you can't always get something for nothing so be considerate of her needs as well.

Charles in Oregon asks: After being on the show, what did you see about yourself that was eye opening or an epiphany for you?

Amy's answer: Honestly, that my face is really asymmetrical. I also recognized that I tend to be too nice and explain myself too much. I don't have to justify anything! I see myself wanting to please others so much that it actually clouds my judgment of who they are. Even though I eventually come to my senses, it is something I will have to work on.

Leonard in California asks: Amy, how were you selected by ABC for this show? How does it feel to be in the public scrutiny like this? Are you now getting more dating inquiries? It took lots of guts for you to do what you are doing. Hang in there, that special person for all of us, is out there.

Amy's answer: I met the ABC producers via the Internet of course! I don't mind the public scrutiny. Most people are pretty cool and even the mean reviewers are funny. I take it all in stride. In a few months this will be yesterday's news and I will go on with my life. And thanks for the words of encouragement. I hope you are right.

Teresa in South Carolina asks: What is the best way to handle a rejection/disappointment after communicating either by only e-mails or e-mails/phone calls for a long time (like every day for a month) and feeling like this is "the one"?

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