Celebs' Web Alter-Egos: Jim Carrey, Alicia Silverstone Go Online

Photo: Celebs Web Alter-Egos: Jim Carrey, Alicia Silverstone Go Online: For some stars of the silver screen, it seems Hollywood is just not enough.

For some stars of the silver screen, it seems Hollywood is just not enough.

They might have the red-carpet life and all of its accoutrement, but at the end of a champagne and caviar kind of day, there's still just one more place that they want their stars to shine: the

VIDEO: The actor talks about his new role in the upcoming holiday movie.

" target="external">Internet.

Though the luminaries themselves may not always be the ones tapping away on keyboards, a growing class of celebrities is carving out new personas and new ways to reach fans online.

For some, it's a place to explore who they might have been had fame not come a-knockin'. For others, it's like a direct line into their creative unconscious.

Below, check out some of the stars cultivating Web identities.

Jim Carrey

Funnyman Jim Carrey is known for his bugged-out expressions and crazy comedies. But his new Web site is the actor's most mind-twisting performance yet.

Launched earlier this month, jimcarrey.com is a dark and bizarre, yet creatively rich trip into the actor's life.

The Web site's home page features a picture of the actor resting his chin on his hands over what appears to be an open book. But his face is surrounded by a Tim Burton-esque, freakishly fantastical scene.

Slices of toast burned to resemble the face of Jesus pop out of a scowling hedge. Figures of men flashing cameras flicker around tufts of Carrey's hair. A bird with the actor's head tweets random cheers and shout-outs (and links to -- what else? -- the actor's Twitter page).

Along the bottom, the menu directs viewers to his biography, the latest news, and film and TV accomplishments. But anywhere a viewer's mouse lands might take them to another hidden pocket of the actor's online existence.

A multi-colored hot air balloon floating beneath the moon zooms viewers to a Sistine Chapel-like scene of Carrey as Michelangelo's Adam. Click on the actor's eye and brace yourself for an up-close-and-personal look at the actor's dilated pupil and every eyelash.

Though the site is young, it's already attracted the attention it deserves.

The weekend it launched, Carrey tweeted: "WOW guys! you overwhelmed my website today! i'm jacking up the band width asap! wasn't expecting so much love! SSSSS'NICE!! :)}"

Alicia Silverstone

Take a look at her Web site and the actress of "Clueless" fame looks anything but.

Pegged to the launch of her new vegan cookbook, "The Kind Diet," Alicia Silverstone says her Web site, thekindlife.com, is "about living your healthiest and happiest life to the fullest, while taking care of mama Earth at the same time!"

As she eats the food and visits that places that make up her "kind life," she blogs and posts pictures of the experiences online.

The site covers "food," "health," "house," "style" and "environment," but also includes a forum for readers to talk to each other and to her.

If you want to speak to the new green goddess herself, you might want to check it out. From the looks of it, the actress is pretty active in the site's forum.

"The site is whatever you make of it; whether it's joining the many others who are on this same journey or simply visiting to gather information and other tips," Silverstone says on the site. "Whatever you need, you will find it here."

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