New iPhone: Jobs Announces Apple's iPhone 4

Calling it the biggest leap yet from Apple's original iPhone, Apple CEO Steve Jobs today unveiled the company's newest model -- the iPhone 4.

Jobs made the announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, its annual meeting for the thousands of developers who make Apple applications.

In unveiling the phone, Jobs even made a subtle nod to the famously leaked iPhone prototype, which was splashed across the Internet last month after an Apple engineer left it at a California bar.

VIDEO: Apple CEO had to stop the presentation because the WiFi network was overloaded.

"How many of you have already seen this?" he asked.

The iPhone 4 has 100 new features, including a new design, which makes the phone 24 percent thinner than previous models, Jobs said.

It also comes with a front-facing camera, a camera in the back with flash, and a second microphone for noise cancellation.

In an announcement sure to please iPhone users tired of the phone's limited battery power, Jobs said the new iPhone is powered by an A4 chip that gives one 40 percent more talk time.

On Sale June 24, for $199 or $299

VIDEO: Steve Jobs is expected to unveil Apples newest version of the iPhone today.
Apple's Big Announcement

Jobs said the iPhone 4, which comes in black and white, goes on sale June 24 in the U.S. The 16GB version will cost $199 and the 32GB version will cost $299.

Though many Apple fans hoped Jobs would announce a new cellular carrier for the new iPhone, Jobs only said that AT&T, the current exclusive carrier, would offer customers a chance at an early upgrade.

For iPhone owners with contracts that expire anytime in 2010, AT&T is making them immediately eligible for a new iPhone 4 at the same prices if they renew their contracts for two more years.

In the traditional "one more thing" part of his presentation, Jobs said the new phone enabled video chatting.

A feature widely requested by Apple fans, "FaceTime" lets iPhone 4 owners use the front and back cameras to communicate with each other wherever they can connect to a Wi-Fi network. He said video calls over cellular networks wouldn't be possible in 2010.

To improve gaming, Jobs also said that Apple added a three-axis gyroscope to the new iPhone.

An accelerometer, which already existed in previous iPhone models, let users tip and turn the phone to control movement on the screen. The gyroscope adds a 360 degree spin.

The new phone also comes equipped with a 5 megapixel camera that can capture HD video and iMovie for the iPhone, an in-phone video editing program.

Jobs also announced that in addition to updating the iPhone operating system, iPhoneOS, it had re-named the system iOS4.

Although Google would remain the default search engine on the iPhone, Jobs said Apple added Bing and Yahoo.

For Apple fans who own an iPad and an iPhone or iPod Touch, Jobs said the iBook application will be available on all devices. When you buy a book, the application will automatically and wirelessly download the book to all devices. As you take notes or add bookmarks, the application will continue to sync your additions across all devices.

But all the bells and whistles weren't enough to ensure a glitch-free introduction. In a rare awkward moment for the usually-very-together Apple CEO, Jobs appeared to have some difficulty connecting to the Wi-Fi network in front of the large crowd.

"We're having a little problem here," he said when he couldn't load a Web page for a demonstration.

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