2008 CES: More Tech Than You Can Handle

In terms of HDTV technology showcased at CES we don't expect to be wowed. It's just the standard progression of technology. More ports, smaller components, and cheaper price. However we are excited about LCD monitors to be shown at CES. Dell has announced a sexy Crystal LCD display featuring the new DisplayPort connection.

The Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD camps typically use CES as a battleground to sway opinion and sling propaganda. At the last minute, this year took a new twist.

In light of Warner's bombshell announcement of Blu-ray exclusivity, the promotion group for rival format HD DVD has canceled its press briefings at the show; HD DVD backers are now reassesing their strategy.

We expect the Blu-ray camp to tout players with a new feature called BD Live Internet-connected functionality. Expect to see studios demonstrate how future BD Live titles connect your Blu-ray DVD player to the Internet for content related to the DVD title.

The show will also be used as a promotion tool for competing wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wireless USB. This year, a new wireless technology called WirelessHD, backed by Sony and Toshiba, will also enter the wireless fray. Each of these competing technologies are vying to reduce or eliminate the need for cords snaking behind your HDTV or home entertainment center.

Here are some facts about the show from the show's sponsor, the Consumer Electronics Association:

  • CES is the largest trade show in North America.
  • An estimated 27,000 new gadgets will be shown.
  • 140,000 people are expected to attend.
  • 2,700 exhibitors from across the world will be showing lthe atest tech.
  • There are 1.85 million square feet of exhibition space.
  • New focus on autos results in 250,000 square feet of in-car gadgets.
  • 4,500 journalists from around the world are registered to cover the show.
  • CES leaves a 20,000-ton carbon footprint.

For more CES coverage, check out the constantly updated PC World CES Info Center.

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