The 100 Best Products of 2008

89. Apple MacBook Air (ultraportable laptop, $1799) No optical drive, no Penryn chip, only one USB port, no ethernet port, and merely average performance. So would you like to own an Air? You bet, because it's cool. Review | Check prices

90. Ubuntu Linux (operating system, free) Linux isn't just for nerds anymore, thanks to Ubuntu's Microsoft-refugee-friendly distribution. But hard-core (hard-kernel?) Linux devotees will surely note that Ubuntu earns a spot on our list while Windows Vista doesn't. Review | Download

The 100 Best Products, Numbers 91 through 100

91. Electronic Arts The Orange Box (game, $60 PS3 or Xbox 360, $50 PC) You get five full games--Half-Life 2 and its first two follow-up episodes, plus two other first-person shooters (Team Fortress 2 and Portal)--wrapped up in a pretty orange box. Warning: Extended time off from work not included. Site | Check prices

92. Digg (social news site, free) Digg continues to serve denizens of the Web as the most reliable barometer of must-read news on the Internet. Site

93. Asus U2E (ultraportable laptop, $2000) In its cute/handsome leather shell, this 2.9-pounder bristles with outputs and has more flexibility than most other models in its class. Review | Check prices

94. Meebo (Web-based instant messaging, free) Ditch your desktop instant messaging client in favor of this sleek Web-based one, which offers access to AIM, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and more. Review

95. HP Blackbird 002 (desktop PC, $2300 and up) The stunningly designed Blackbird simply flies when you throw high-performance tasks at it--if, that is, you can stop staring at this PC long enough to hit the power button. Review | Check prices

96. Partition Logic (partitioning software, free) To shrink existing partitions so you'll have room for a new one, just use the third-party partitioning program Partition Logic. Download

97. Palm Centro (smart phone, $150 with two-year Sprint wireless contract) Sprint's smart phone delivers EvDO mobile broadband in an affordable, contemporary-looking package. Review | Check prices

98. Audacity (audio editor, free) This all-purpose, open-source multitrack recording application lets you record, play, and edit digital files like a pro. Review |

99. Lifehacker (blog, free) Read Lifehacker to glean time-management tricks, internalivity downloads, and easier ways to get stuff done. Site

100. Jing Project (image/video internalion app, free) Jing Project allows you to create little narrated movies (called "screencasts") of anything that's happening on your PC desktop, and then share them with friends. Site

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